Death Records of Lee County, Virginia, 1853-1897

The initial documentation of death records of Lee County, Virginia, began in 1853, with the last entry in the early Death Register being in 1877. This register is systematically organized in an indexed format. Several years prior to publication, it was discovered that there were additional death records post-dating the ones in the register. These records, although unindexed and located on separate sheets, span from 1878 up until 1897. Every single one of these death records, both the original and the later discovered ones, are compiled in this publication. Furthermore, they are all categorized in an indexed format according to the names of the deceased and all referenced individuals.

You will want to consult the index in order to search this book. It begins on page 205. The transcribers kept to the original spelling as they determined it from the original records. As is the case with all older records, spellings of names will not be consistent, and it requires you to perform a diligent search of variant spellings. This typescript is from a typewriter and will show the usual deficiencies that older type has, including faded and filled in letters.

Death Records of Lee County, Virginia – Digital Book


Catron, Ada Grace; Lee County, Virginia, Court Records, Volume 1, Death Records; self-published: 1968. Reproduced by permission of Mrs. Catron’s granddaughters, Vickie C. Kimbrell and Dorothy G. Catron

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Young, Zeaks, Zick, Zion,

Death Records,

Lee County VA,


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