Surname: Dickenson

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Vermont vol 1

Genealogical and Family History of Vermont

Hiram Charlton took on the publication of the Genealogical and Family History of the State of Vermont for Lewis Publishing. In it, he enlisted the assistance of living residents of the state in providing biographical and genealogical details about their family, and then he published all 1104 family histories in two distinct volumes.

Biographical Sketch of James P. Dickenson

James P. Dickenson has gained a good success in material things in Harney county since his advent here and is one of the substantial and leading stockmen and farmers to-day. He and his family have two good hay farms near the Narrows and also three near Lawen. These fine tracts of land return him annually large amounts of hay and give him opportunity to handle many head of stock. James P. was born in Grayson county, Virginia, on February 18, 1842, being the son of John and Rosa (Hale) Dickenson. He grew up on the farm and gained his education

Biography of Aurelius Dickenson

Aurelius Dickenson, formerly a wealthy hotel-owner of Claremont, was born at Granville, Mass., February 10, 1804. He remained on his father’s farm until twenty-one years of age. His first experience in business was in Hartford, Conn., where he was engaged as a clerk for a leather firm. A few years later he started a country store, and conducted it successfully for some time. When on his wedding trip, he took a fancy to the principal hotel at Amherst, Mass., and purchased it. This investment proved a paying one until 1837, when the hotel was burned. He then sold the property,