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AccessGenealogy has been online since 1999. What started out as a small 50 page website has evolved over the years to one of the leading websites in providing free genealogy. With over 240,000 links it is also one of the largest directories of genealogy websites found online. It’s crowning achievement though is in providing Native American researchers an avenue for research online. With partnerships between it and Fold3, Native American data has finally been provided to the masses electronically.


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  1. I am searching for my father’s mother Altheta Baker and cousin Orene (married name Knox) they ere both born in Kirksville Missouri at the turn of the 19th century / late 1800s, I do not know whether they were a slave descendants of not. I know that they moved to and resided in Davenport Iowa in the 1920s.

    Altheta Baker married Wesley Cooper from Springfield, IL and was my father, Wesley Eugene Cooper’s mother. He was born 4-15-1924 in Davenport.

  2. Beverly (Walters), Hickman, Kitts

    My sincere apologies for the typos in my previous comment. It appears my cell needs a spelling and grammar refresher course.

  3. Beverly (Walters), Hickman, Kitts

    In undertaking the task of trying to trace my ancestors, I have just came across your sight. I have a discovered lo Native Americans in my maternal as well paternal in my family. Unfortunately have no one else to help me as all my has passed. I feel your sight will indeed provide much anticipated and needed tesultd

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