Genetic genealogy is the testing of DNA for the purpose of resolving unanswered questions about one’s family tree. It empowers researchers to track further back then they ever could by paper, and make hereditary connections with more people than ever before. This genetealogy – coined for the merger of genealogy and genetics – won’t give you a complete pedigree, but it can help provide you with a blueprint by which you can begin to focus your research.

As more and more researchers take DNA tests and submit those results to online collection agencies, the amount of data continues to tally, making it easier for the next person who takes the test to find common DNA markers with others.

There are several steps with which you will want to undertake if considering joining the genetic genealogy community:

  1. Study Up!
    We provide several articles here, with links to data and books which will shed even further light on the subject matter if you desire it.
  2. Do Your Homework!
    Understand what it is you are trying to accomplish before taking the test.
  3. Decide Which Test to Take!
    There are several kinds of tests available, which can cost anywhere from $79-$750. Understand the difference between the tests before purchasing one.
  4. Order the Test!
    Once you’ve decided on the test to take, it’s time to purchase.
  5. Take the Test!
    Once the test arrives it is time to take the painless test. Follow the instructions carefully!
  6. Understand Your Results!
    When you get your test results back, they will be simply a bunch of letters and numbers… its understanding what those numbers and letters mean that is so important.
  7. Join or Start a Surname Project!
    The backbone to any good Y DNA result is having a collected body of other researchers with the same surname taking the test with you, so that you can compare results.


  • DNA Kits
    There are a variety of DNA home kits available on the market.
  • DNA Tests
    Which type of test is right for me?
  • DNA Testing
    What happens when DNA testing occurs?
  • DNA – Native American
    Can I tell if I’m Native American by taking a DNA test?
  • Genetic DNA
    An explanation of what genetic DNA and genetic genealogy is all about.
  • Melungeon DNA Study – Genetic Evidence
    A Native American’s look at Brant Kennedy’s Melungeon DNA study by Richard Thornton, part of his series of articles on the early Appalachian colonists.


  • If I take a DNA test will it solve my brick walls?
    The answer to this question depends on your brick wall and the amount of participants willing to share their data. This article will help you understand better which types of genealogical brick walls DNA testing can help solve, and which it cannot.

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