Portrait and Biographical Record of Genesee, Lapeer and Tuscola Counties, Michigan

Title:Portrait and biographical record of Genesee, Lapeer and Tuscola counties, Michigan. Chicago
Author:Chapman Brothers
Publication date:1892
Publisher:Chicago: Chapman brothers
Digitizing Sponsor:University of Michigan
Contributor:University of Michigan
Repository:Internet Archive
Portrait and biographical record of Genesee, Lapeer and Tuscola counties
Portrait and biographical record of Genesee, Lapeer and Tuscola counties


The greatest of English historians, Macaulay, and one of the most brilliant writers of the present century, has said: “The history of a country is best told in a record of the lives of its people.” In conformity with this idea the Portrait and Biographical Record of this county has been prepared. Instead of going to musty records, and taking therefrom dry statistical matter that can be appreciated by but few, our corps of writers have gone to the people, the men and women who have, by their enterprise and industry, brought the county to rank second to none among those comprising this great and noble State, and from their lips have the story of their life struggles. No more interesting or instructive matter could be presented to an intelligent public. In this volume will be found a record of many whose lives are worthy the imitation of coming generations. It tells how some, commencing life in poverty, by industry and economy have accumulated wealth. It tells how others, with limited advantages for securing an education, have become learned men and women, with an influence extending throughout the length and breadth of the land. It tells of men who have risen from the lower walks of life to eminence as statesmen, and whose names have become famous. It tells of those in every walk in life who have striven to succeed, and records how that success has usually crowned their efforts. It tells also of many, very many, who, not seeking the applause of the world, have pursued “the even tenor of their way,” content to have it said of them as Christ said of the woman performing a deed of mercy — “they have done what they could.” It tells how that many in the pride and strength of young manhood left the plow and the anvil, the lawyer’s office and the counting-room, left every trade and profession, and at their country’s call went forth valiantly “to do or die,” and how through their efforts the Union was restored and peace once more reigned in the land. In the life of every man and of every woman is a lesson that should not be lost upon those who follow after.

Coming generations will appreciate this volume and preserve it as a sacred treasure, from the fact that it contains so much that would never find its way into public records, and which would otherwise be inaccessible. Great care has been taken in the compilation of the work and every opportunity possible given to those represented to insure correctness in what has been written, and the publishers flatter themselves that they give to their readers a work with few errors of consequence. In addition to the biographical sketches, portraits of a number of representative citizens are given.

The faces of some, and biographical sketches of many, will be missed in this volume. For this the publishers are not to blame. Not having a proper conception of the work, some refused to give the information necessary to compile a sketch, while others were indifferent. Occasionally some member of the family would oppose the enterprise, and on account of such opposition the support of the interested one would be withheld. In a few instances men could never be found, though repeated calls were made at their residence or place of business.

Alphabetical Index to Biographies

This alphabetical index to Portrait and biographical record of Genesee, Lapeer and Tuscola counties, Michigan was created using a two-fold process of transcribing the original index at the back of the book, and then confirming the actual biography, name, and page, with what is found within the book. Corrections have been made.


This copy of the Portrait and biographical record of Genesee, Lapeer and Tuscola counties, Michigan is an imperfect copy. I question whether there is a perfect copy or if the original publication was error prone in its page numberings.

Except for the pages of 167-171, none of the information missing is textual, but appear to be images. It appears in this manuscript that Chapman Brothers left room for photos which were to be submitted, but published the book without many of them.


  • Pages 172-174 appear between pages 139-141
  • Pages 167-175 are “missing.” Find pages 172-174 between 139-141.
  • Pages 187-188 missing. probable image
  • Pages 495-496 missing. probable image
  • Pages 515-516 missing. probable image
  • Pages 525-526 missing. probable image
  • Pages 555-556 missing. probable image
  • Pages 617-618 missing. probable image
  • Pages 639-640 missing. probable image
  • Pages 679-680 missing. probable image
  • Pages 795-796 missing. probable image
  • Pages 849-850 missing. probable image
  • Page 814 is misnumbered as page 518.


These surnames represent the subjects of the biographical sketches found within Portrait and biographical record of Genesee, Lapeer and Tuscola counties, Michigan.

Adair, Adams, Aitken, Aldrich, Alger, Algoe, Alkema, Anderson, Andrews, Andrus, Appleby, Arthur, Ashley, Atherton, Atkin, Atwood, Averill, Ayliffe, Babcock, Bachman, Bacon, Bagley, Baker, Balch, Baldwin, Balmer, Banghart, Barber, Barney, Barry, Bartlett, Bates, Baxter, Beach, Beals, Beardslee, Beckerson, Beckman, Beden, Bedtelyon, Beebe, Beecher, Begole, Belford, Bendle, Benjamin, Bennett, Benson, Berney, Berridge, Best, Bickford, Bickley, Bidleman, Bigelow, Billings, Bingham, Bishop, Black, Blackmore, Blair, Blake, Blocher, Boise, Bolt, Boomer, Borden, Borland, Bort, Boughton, Bourns, Bouttell, Boutwell, Boyce, Boyl, Brabazon, Bradford, Braidwood, Brainerd, Branch, Bray, Brennan, Bridgman, Bristol, Brockway, Broesamle, Brooker, Brotherton, Brown, Brusie, Buchanan, Buck, Bullard, Bullock, Bunnell, Burden, Burleson, Burns, Burrington, Burrough, Bussey, Butler, Butterfield, Butts, Cain, Caley, Calkins, Campbell, Carey, Carmer, Carpenter, Carr, Carter, Carton, Cartwright, Case, Cashin, Caulton, Chamberlain, Chapel, Chapman, Charles, Chase, Chatters, Cheney, Chown, Church, Clapp, Clark, Cleaver, Cleveland, Cochrane, Cogshall, Cole, Colerick, Colling, Collins, Colwell, Comstock, Conover, Conrad, Cook, Cooley, Coon, Cooper, Corliss, Cornwell, Coryell, Cotharin, Coverdale, Covey, Cox, Craig, Cramton, Crapo, Crapser, Craw, Crocker, Croft, Croop, Croswell, Cryderman, Cullis, Cummings, Currier, Curry, Curtis, Darbee, Darling, Dart, Davenport, Davidson, Davis, Davison, Dawson, Day, Dayton, Decker, Deming, Demorest, Deneen, Denyes, Dewey, DeWitte, Dibble, Dietz, Disbrow, Dodder, Dodge, Donovan, Douglas, Dowker, Downer, Doyle, Dunbar, Durand, Durkee, Dwelley, Dysinger, Eagan, Eames, Eddy, Eggleston, Eldridge, Ellis, Embury, Enders, Evatt, Eveland, Failing, Fairbank, Fanning, Farnam, Farquharson, Farrar, Felch, Ferguson, Fikes, Fillmore, Firman, Fish, Flanders, Foale, Folsom, Foote, Forbes, Fosdick, Foster, Fowler, Fox, Freeman, Frenzel, Frise, Fritz, Fuller, Gage, Galbraith, Gardner, Garfield, Gaskill, Gass, Gates, Gazlay, Gee, George, Giddings, Gilbert, Giles, Gillett, Gillies, Gilman, Glann, Glover, Gollan, Goodenough, Goodrich, Goodwin, Gould, Grant, Graves, Gray, Greattracks, Greene, Greenly, Griffin, Grimshaw, Haas, Hadley, Halleck, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hammond, Handlin, Handy, Harris, Harrison, Harrold, Hart, Hartnell, Hauser, Hayes, Haynes, Heal, Hemingway, Hemmingway, Hennessy, Herrick, Herrington, Hibbard, Hickox, Hicok, Higley, Hill, Hinchey, Hinckley, Hitchcock, Hobart, Hodges, Hoffman, Hollenbeck, Hollingworth, Holm, Holtslander, Hool, Horlacker, Horton, Hosie, Hosner, Hough, Hovey, Howe, Howell, Howie, Howland, Hubbard, Humes, Hunter, Hurd, Hurley, Hutton, Huyck, Hyatt, Ingalls, Ireland, Ivory, Jackson, Jacox, Jaques, Jefferson, Jeffrey, Jenkins, Jenness, Jennings, Jerome, Jewell, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Judson, Kaesemeyer, Kennedy, Kennett, Keyworth, Kidder, Kilbourn, Kilroy, King, Kinney, Kinyon, Kipp, Kirby, Kirk, Kist, Kline, Knapp, Kreiner, Kudner, Kurtz, Laing, Lake, Lamb, Lane, Lauderbaugh, Lawrence, Leach, Lee, Lennox, Leonard, Lester, LeValley, Lewis, Lincoln, Link, Lister, Lobban, Locy, Lombard, Long, Lonsberry, Louks, Lovell, Lowthian, Lucas, Luce, Lyman, Lynch, Lyon, Madison, Mallery, Mallory, Mann, Mapes, Markham, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Matheson, Mathewson, Maxam, McAlester, McAra, McArthur, McCallum, McCandlish, McClelland, McColl, McCulla, McEntee, McFarlen, McGinnis, McGlinchey, McGregor, McIntee, McIntyre, McKercher, McKillen, McLachlan, McNeil, McWain, Meade, Medbury, Meidlein, Merrill, Michael, Middleton, Miers, Millard, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Monroe, Montague, Moor, Moore, Morris, Morton, Mudge, Mulcahy, Munger, Murdick, Murphy, Myers, Nesbitt, Newall, Newell, Newton, Nichols, Nightingale, Niles, Northrip, Northrop, Norton, Odell, Olmstead, Orr, Ottaway, Owen, Paddison, Page, Pailthorp, Paine, Palmer, Palmerlee, Parker, Parmelee, Parsell, Parsons, Partridge, Passmore, Paterson, Paton, Patterson, Paul, Payne, Pearson, Peck, Penoyer, Perkins, Perry, Pettibone, Pettingill, Pettit, Phelps, Philips, Phillips, Pierce, Pierson, Pike, Pitcher, Pixley, Polk, Pollock, Porter, Potbury, Potter, Pratt, Preston, Proper, Putnam, Quinn, Raab, Randall, Randolph, Rankin, Ransom, Raubinger, Ray, Read, Reavey, Reece, Reed, Reeser, Reid, Reynolds, Rhodes, Rice, Rich, Richards, Richardson, Richmond, Riddle, Ries, Riggs, Riley, Rippe, Robinson, Rockwood, Roe, Rogers, Rogo, Rolph, Rone, Rood, Roy, Rumer, Russell, Rutherford, Ryant, Safford, Sage, Samuel, Sanford, Sansam, Sayers, Sayre, Schanck, Schell, Schermerhorn, Schock, Schram, Schuneman, Scrace, Sears, Seeley, Seely, Seelye, Shanahan, Sharp, Shaver, Shaw, Shear, Sheldon, Sheppard, Sheridan, Sherman, Shippy, Shock, Siebenhar, Simenton, Simpson, Singleton, Siple, Skinner, Slafter, Slaght, Sleeman, Slocum, Smith, Smithson, Snyder, Somers, Soper, Spears, Speer, Spencer, Spenser, Sprague, Springett, Stafford, Stage, Staley, Stamp, Stanton, Stark, Stevens, Stewart, Stickle, Stiff, Stimson, Stiner, Stinson, Stockdale, Stone, Streeter, Sue, Sullivan, Sutton, Swart, Sweers, Swift, Taylor, Terry, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Tibbitts, Tinker, Titsworth, Todd, Tompkins, Topping, Torrey, Tower, Townsend, Trisch, Trotter, Turner, Turrill, Twitchell, Tyler, Underhill, Updegraff, Valentine, Van Atta, Van Blaricom, Van Buren, Van Buskirk, Van Etten, Van Tassel, Van Vleet, Vantine, Varnum, Veit, Vincent, Vodden, Vose, Waite, Wald, Walker, Wallace, Walmsley, Walsh, Walton, Ward, Warner, Warren, Washington, Watkins, Watson, Wattles, Weaver, Webster, Wees, Weiler, Welch, Wells, Werkheiser, Wesson, West, Westover, Wetherell, Wheeler, White, Whitehead, Whiting, Wickware, Wightman, Wilcox, Wilder, Williams, Willis, Wills, Wilsie, Wilson, Winans, Winchester, Winegar, Winget, Winglemire, Winn, Winship, Wisner, Wolverton, Wood, Woodbridge, Woodman, Woodruff, Wright, Yerkes, York, Young, Youngs, Zander, Zeigler, and Zimmerman.

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  1. This Is A Wonderful Find To Make Available to Others to Research. I Hope You Continue to Make These Kind of Finds Available to Look At. I Don’t Have Any Family Members Listed. I Did Enjoy Searching the Index. Thank You
    Kathryn James

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