Surname: Jaques

Norwich Vermont and Dartmouth College

Notwithstanding the fact that Norwich had for many years within its borders a collegiate institution of its own, founded and directed by its most distinguished son, the relations of their people towards Dartmouth College on the opposite bank of the Connecticut were always intimate and friendly.

List of the Principal Pioneer Settlers in Norwich Vermont

The counties of Cumberland and Gloucester had been organized by New York in 1766, out of the territory lying between the Green Mountains and Connecticut River. In the year 1771 a census of these counties was made under the authority of that province. All the towns in Windham and Windsor Counties, as now constituted, belonged to Cumberland County; the remaining portion of the state to the north-ward, then mostly unsettled, was called the county of Gloucester. 1In the first organization of eastern Vermont into counties by New York, Norwich belonged to Cumberland County. In March, 1772, a change of boundary

Biographical Sketch of Francis G. Jaques

Francis G. Jaques. One of the early and most prominent members of the Champaign County bar was Francis G. Jacques, who began practice here prior to the war and continued his work with unabating interest until his death on November 14, 1896. Mr. Jaques was born in New York City January 5, 1839, a son of Robert Lee and Mary (Cooper) Jaques. Both parents were natives of New Jersey. Mr. Jaques was educated chiefly in New York City, studied law there, and also had a brief experience as a school teacher in Michigan. He came to Champaign at the age