Surname: Parmelee

The genealogy and history of the Ingalls family in America

The genealogy and history of the Ingalls family in America

Edmund Ingalls, son of Robert, was born about 1598 in Skirbeck, Lincolnshire, England. He immigrated in 1628 to Salem, Massachusetts and with his brother, Francis, founded Lynn, Massachusetts in 1629. He married Ann, fathered nine children, and died in 1648.

Grinnell Family of New Bedford, MA

Since the early settlement of Newport and Portsmouth, R. I., shortly after 1638, the Grinnells have been identified with Rhode Island and Massachusetts history, the earlier generations living largely in the towns of Newport county, R. I., and for the past hundred and more years branches of this southern Rhode Island family have been representative of the best citizenship in the old Massachusetts town of New Bedford. At New Bedford lived Capt. Cornelius Grinnell, a patriot of the Revolution, and long engaged in the merchant service, who married into the old historic Howland family, and one of whose sons, Joseph Grinnell, for almost a decade represented the New Bedford district in the United States Congress, and was long prominent as a merchant and manufacturer and banker of the town; and there lived the late Lawrence Grinnell, father of the late Frederick Grinnell, who so long was at the head of the Providence Steam and Gas Pipe Company and the General Eire Extinguisher Company, a man of genius in mechanical lines, whose inventions gave him distinction, and one of whose sons, Russell Grinnell, is at this time vice president of the General Fire Extinguisher Company. It is with this New Bedford branch of the Grinnell family this article deals.

Biographical Sketch of Munroy D. Parmelee

Parmelee, Munroy D., Middlebury, was born in the town of Bristol, Addison county, Vt., on January 14, 1829. His parents were Harvey and Arzina (Drake) Parmelee. He was educated in the common schools and also attended one term at the high school at Bakersfield; was brought up to farming and remained at home until the time of his marriage, which occurred December 30, 1851. His wife was Louisa M. Partch, who was a daughter of Dr. T. Partch, of Hinesburg, Vt. Mr. Parmelee purchased a farm on Bristol Flats, where he resided for twenty years. He then went to Iowa,

Biographical Sketch of E. L. Parmelee

E. L. Parmelee, of the firm of Driscoll & Parmelee, butchers and meat market, is a native of Middlesex County, Conn. When a boy, he was brought up to the butcher business, which he has since followed. In 1871, he, with his father, removed to Humboldt, Kan., and carried on the butcher business about four years. He then returned to Connecticut, afterward to Philadelphia, continuing in this business. In 1877, he came to Tekamah, and has since been identified with this firm in this business.

Biographical Sketch of John Parmelee

John Parmelee, immigrant ancestor, was one of the first settlers of Guilford. Connecticut, and one of the twenty-five signers of the Plantation Covenant, June 1, 1639. He died in New Haven, November 8, 1659, leaving property inventoried at seventy-eight pounds, thirteen shillings. His will was probated January 3, 1659-60. His home lot in Guilford was on the site of the present Congregational church and contained two and a half acres. He married (first) Hannah (second) Widow Elizabeth Bradley, who died in New Haven, January, 1683. After his death she married, May 27, 1663. John Evarts. of Guilford. Children : John,

Biographical Sketch of John Parmelee

John (2), son of John (1) Parmelee. was born about 1620. He was a drummer in the train band and was sworn as freeman, February 14, 1649. He was sexton for many years, and “warned” the inhabitants to town meetings. He married (first) Rebecca , who died September 24. 1651; (second) Anna, widow of William Plaine, who died March 30, 1658; (third) February, 1619, Hannah Through his second wife, he obtained Plaine home lot of four and a half acres of marsh land. Child of first wife: Nathaniel, born 1645, killed in King Philip’s war. 1676; children of third wife:

Biographical Sketch of Joshua Parmelee

Joshua, son of John (2) Parmelee, was born in Guilford, in 1661, died in June, 1729. He was a farmer of Guilford, and was a taxpayer of considerable estate in 1716. He married (first) July 10, 1690, Else Edwards, of East Hampton, Long Island, and she died July 10, 1714; (second) in 1716, Hannah, widow of Benjamin Stone, of East Guilford. She afterward married Benjamin Hart, of Wallingford. Children of first wife: Daniel, born June 28, 1691; Susannah, June 19, 169J: Timothy, August 20, 1695; Ann, May 8, 1696; Samuel, March 31, 1698; David, July 31, 1699; Jonathan, mentioned elsewhere;

Biographical Sketch of Jonathan Parmelee

Jonathan, son of Joshua Parmelee, was born June 21, 1701. He resided at Branford and Chatham, Connecticut. He married Sarah Taylor. Children : Bryan, born 1733; Oliver, 1735; Ann, September, 1737; Sarah, November j, 1739; Jonathan, October 7, 1743; Asaph, mentioned elsewhere; Jared, August 1, 1748; Lucy, January 15, 1752.

Biographical Sketch of Asaph Parmelee

Asaph, son of Jonathan Parmelee, was born at Branford or Chatham, April 2, 1746. He was a soldier in the revolution, a sergeant in August and September, 1776, in Captain Elias Donning’s company of Connecticut, and served in New York. He married Sarah Everett and they lived in Bethlehem and other towns in Connecticut. Among their children was Asaph, mentioned elsewhere.