Surname: Pettit

Family Records or Genealogies of the First Settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Passaic Valley

Passaic Valley in New Jersey was first settled in the early 1700’s, primarily by families from Long Island, New York and Connecticut. The Family records, or, Genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and vicinity above Chatham provides genealogies of these early settlers from family records when they could be obtained, otherwise the author used family members to provide the information. Since some of the information comes from memory of individuals, one should validate what is written before relying on it to greatly.

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. William P. Pettit

(See Grant, Tyner, Adair and Riley)-William Percival, son of William and Nannie (Tyner) Pettitt, was born Sept. 20, 1867; educated at Fort Gibson and the Male Seminary. He married March 18, 1894, Mary Jane, daughter of Benjamin and Sallie (Guerin) Adair, born Thursday, January 1, 1874, in Illinois District. She was educated in the Female Seminary. They moved on April 17, 1894, from Illinois District to Cooweescoowee District, settling three-fourths of a mile north of the Cherokee and Creek line, where they lived until January 19, 1903, when they moved to their present residence at Inola. Mr. and Mrs. Pettitt

Biography of Fred Eugene Pettit

Fred Eugene Pettit is a veteran business man and merchant of Marion County, and until he retired a few years ago conducted one of the largest stores at Peabody. Mr. Pettit was reared and educated and gained his first mercantile experience in the State of Illinois. He was born at Wyoming in Stark County, Illinois, January 8, 1861, a son of Peter and Mary Anne (Bailey) Pettit. Peter Pettit was born in New York State and located in Illinois in 1851, when the country was new and undeveloped. After a few years he lost his health and suffered invalidism throughout

Rough Riders

Rough Riders

Compiled military service records for 1,235 Rough Riders, including Teddy Roosevelt have been digitized. The records include individual jackets which give the name, organization, and rank of each soldier. They contain cards on which information from original records relating to the military service of the individual has been copied. Included in the main jacket are carded medical records, other documents which give personal information, and the description of the record from which the information was obtained.

Biography of Guy V. Pettit

In none of the walks of life, perhaps, does the personality of the man impress itself so thoroughly upon the public with which he deals as in the case of the editor of a country newspaper. While he does not reach the thousands that the editor of a metropolitan daily does, he offsets this disadvantage through the close personal relations he sustains with his patrons and thereby his position in the community is rendered the more difficult of the two to maintain. While the head of the news gathering department of a big paper may strike right and left with