Surname: Flanders

Rev. Emanuel C. Charlton

History of the Methodist Church at Norwich Vermont

Prior to the year 1800, Methodism had scarcely gained a foothold in Vermont. The first Methodist society in the State is said to have been formed at Vershire by Nicholas Suethen in 1796. Two years later, only one hundred church members were returned as residents in the Vershire Circuit, then including the whole of eastern Vermont. Zadock Thompson, in the first edition of his Gazetteer of Vermont, published in 1824, gives the number of preachers, traveling and local, at that time as about one hundred, and the number of societies much greater. Probably no religious body ever made so rapid

1894 Michigan State Census – Eaton County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894 [ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ] Eaton County Bellevue Township. – Elias Stewart, Frank F. Hughes, Edwin J. Wood, Samuel Van Orman, John D. Conklin, Martin V. Moon. Mitchell Drollett, Levi Evans, William Fisher, William E. Pixley, William Henry Luscomb, George Carroll, Collins S. Lewis, David Crowell, Aaron Skeggs, Thomas Bailey, Andrew Day, L. G. Showerman, Hulbert Parmer, Fletcher Campbell, Lorenzo D. Fall, William Farlin, Francis Beecraft, William Caton, Servitus Tucker, William Shipp, Theodore Davis. Village of Bellevue. – William H. Latta, Thomas B.

Biography of George West Flanders

George West Flanders, who lives on a small farm in West Concord, was born there, November 9, 1831. The great-grandfather was an extensive land-owner at Millville, and had possession of the water-power privilege of that section. His residence stood on the site now occupied by St. Paul’s School. At the close of his active life he left his land to be divided among his sons. His wife’s maiden name was Fowler. The grandfather, Richard Flanders, was engaged in interests connected with a mill. Afterward he purchased a farm in the west part of the town, and became a farmer. At

Biography of Jacob N. Flanders

Jacob N. Flanders, an influential citizen of West Concord, N.H., was born on the estate which is now his home, March 25, 1825, son of Jacob and Huldah (Abbott) Flanders. His great-grandfather, Richard Flanders, was a large landed proprietor of Millville and owner of all the Concord in the latter part of his life, and divided his land among his sons. His wife was a Fowler. Richard’s son, Richard, Jr., was a mill hand and a farmer, and helped in clearing the land now owned by his grandson. The first crops had to be stacked in the open air without

Biography of Sullivan Flanders

Sullivan Flanders, a farmer of Hopkinton, was born in Bradford, N.H., October 6, 1822, son of Nathaniel and Betsey (Wright) Flanders. His grandfather, Jeremiah, came here from South Hampton some time between 1780 and 1783, and managed for one McCard large tracts of land covering several miles in the west part of Hopkinton. In 1794 Jeremiah purchased and settled on land where Thomas White now lives. He married Miriam George; and they had a family of nine children, seven sons and two daughters. His death occurred in Hopkinton, June 14, 1845, and that of his wife, April 14, 1856. Nathaniel