Surname: Durkee

The genealogy and history of the Ingalls family in America

The genealogy and history of the Ingalls family in America

Edmund Ingalls, son of Robert, was born about 1598 in Skirbeck, Lincolnshire, England. He immigrated in 1628 to Salem, Massachusetts and with his brother, Francis, founded Lynn, Massachusetts in 1629. He married Ann, fathered nine children, and died in 1648.

Biographical Sketch of Rufus Durkee

RUFUS DURKEE, from whom have descended the Durkees, was son of Robert Durkee, and came from Brimfield, Ct. He married Polly, daughter of Thomas, and granddaughter of Moses Whipple, the early settler. He was a tanner by trade, and an original genius.

Biographical Sketch of Ruel Durkee

RUEL DURKEE, son of Rufus and Polly Whipple Durkee, and a descendant of Moses Whipple, Esq., was born in Croydon, July 14, 1807. He has ever resided in his native town. His early years were spent in obtaining an education in the common school, and in assisting to carry on a tannery. Later in life he has carried on extensive farming operations, besides attending to much other business. In addition to the management of his own private concerns, he has acted a conspicuous part in the affairs of the town, and in the politics of New Hampshire. His native shrewdness

Biographical Sketch of Paine Durkee

PAINE DURKEE, son of Rufus, was born on the 7th day of October, 1817. He followed the vocation of his father, that of tanner, at the East Village until 1852, when he went to California and worked in the mines one year. In March, 1861, he was elected Representative of Croydon, and in September of the same year enlisted into the military service; was chosen First Lieutenant, and stationed at Fort Constitution in Portsmouth Harbor. He was detailed as Quarter Master, and acted in that capacity until May, 1862, when the illness of his family obliged him to leave the

Biographical Sketch of Lavina Durkee

LAVINA DURKEE, sister of the foregoing, married John B. Stowell, Esq., and removed to Newport, where be became a prominent and influential man, and held many important offices. He afterwards removed to Manchester, N. H.

Biographical Sketch of Hon. Ruel Durkee

HON. RUEL DURKEE, born July 14, 1807, a farmer, was much in office at home. Shrewd, self-poised, with an instinctive knowledge of human nature, he was for nearly a whole generation one of the most conspicuous managers in the Republican party of the State. His presence was always required during the sittings of the Legislature and at all conventions It has been said that in caucus the lightning usually struck the aspirant towards whom his magnetic finger pointed. He died in July, 1885.