Marriage records of Liberty County Georgia, 1785-1895

These marriage records were abstracted from unbound marriage bonds and licenses in the Liberty County Courthouse, Hinesville, Georgia. The names were copied as they were spelled on the bonds, often barely legible and often spelled differently on the same bond. Sometimes the marriages were performed before the licenses were issued. The first date given in the abstracts is the date of the license or bond; the second is the date of marriage. The following abbreviations are used in these abstracts with the meaning indicated:

C. I. C.—clerk of Inferior Court;
J. I. C.—justice of Inferior Court;
J. P.—Justice of Peace;
M. G.—Minister of God or Gospel.

The names of both men and women are given in alphabetical order, but complete information is given only under the man’s name.

Some of these records have been previously published in Mrs. Caroline P, Wilson, Annals of Georgia, Liberty County Records (New York, 1928), I.

Samuel Harville was a Justice of Inferior Court, Liberty County, Georgia, for many years during the early part of the nineteenth century. His love of life and sense of humor caused him to write rhymes on many of the marriage records of that period.

Biography of Samuel Harville

Samuel Harville (born. between 1770-1780) was descended from a family that moved down the coast from Virginia to Cumberland County, North Carolina, and then to Warren County, Georgia, He was the son of Joseph Harville and Susanna (Mitchell) Harville, who was the daughter of Stephen Mitchell and Celia (Batts) Mitchell.

About the turn of the century Samuel Harville moved to Liberty County, Georgia, where he was married January 2, 1804 to Rebecca Hodge. To this union were born nine children.

In 1803 Samuel Harville was named Justice of the Peace in Cassel’s District, No. 17. In 1821 he was named a Justice of the Inferior Court and he held these positions until his removal from Liberty County in 1835.

In 1830 he took the census of Liberty County. At the close of the census, he added this paragraph:

Liberty County is situated, lying and being in the State of Georgia, bounded Easterly by the Atlantic Ocean, Southwardly by McIntosh and Appling Counties, Westerly by Tatnall County, and Northeasterly by Bryan County, about sixty-eight miles in length and twenty-four miles in breadth with harmony prevailing among the citizens. Order and industry, with liberality of sentiments and charitableness of disposition prevails as far I am able to judge throughout the County with few exceptions. Altho this note has not been required by law yet it might not be improper or at least I hope it will do no | harm. In travelling fifty-two days in this County on strict inquiry I found five old defenders of Independence who say that they were active soldiers in gaining our liberties. I mark¢? R S$ against their names,1 also in writing the Rev. Clergy I placd P for Presbiterians, B for Baptist, and M for Methodist. These are the different branches of the Christian Church in this County. May kind Providence keep, guide, and direct the Americans ever to study Wisdom, Justice and Moderation.

Samuel Harville A.M. [Assistant Marshall]

Perhaps this paragraph which Samuel Harville added to the census record tells more about him than it does about Liberty County! For one thing, it shows that when he undertook a task he did a little more than he was paid to do!

In 1835 Samuel Harville moved to Alachua County, Florida, where he died in 1840.


Stanley, Bess D., Marriage records of Liberty County, Georgia, 1785-1895, Savannah, Georgia : Georgia Historical Society, 1957.

  1. There were seven and not five persons marked “R S.” They were Robert Hendry, Levy Morgan, James Scott, David Delk, William H. Parker, John Benton, and Abraham Daniel.[]

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Liberty County GA,


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