Surname: Thorpe

Ancestors of Alexander Holmes of Kingston, MA

The family of Alexander Holmes of Kingston, MA is one of long and honorable standing in New England, and there the branch is represented by the family of the late Alexander Holmes, who for years was president of the Old Colony and Fall River Railroad. Across the water in old England the Holmes family history reaches back to the year 1066, when one John Holmes, the founder of the Holmes family, is credited with being a volunteer in the army of William, Duke of Normandy.

Charles Jarvis Holmes

Ancestors of Charles Jarvis Holmes of Marshfield and Rochester MA

The purpose of this article to treat with one branch only of the Marshfield-Rochester family, the head of which was the late Hon. Charles Jarvis Holmes, lawyer and public servant of distinguished official relation, as was his father before him, Hon. Abraham Holmes, and as was also the former’s son excepting that he was a banker and financier instead of a member of the legal profession, and a man of high standing and long service in his calling at Fall River, where he was succeeded by his only son, Charles L. Holmes, now treasurer of the Fall River Five Cents Savings Bank, an institution his father had served in the same official relation for approximately fifty years, and who is worthily wearing the family name and sustaining its reputation.

Sacred Heart Mission and Church

Sacred Heart Mission and Church, Konawa, Oklahoma

When hearing of Konawa, many people immediately associate the town with the Sacred Heart Mission and Church, the cornerstone of Konawa history. Sacred Heart is located in the southeast corner of Pottawatomie County in Oklahoma approximately 9 miles east of Asher and 4 miles northwest of Konawa and approximately 1 mile north of Oklahoma Highway 39 on Sacred Heart Road.

Thorpe, Frank – Obituary

Graveside funeral services were held yesterday afternoon at the Summerville cemetery for Frank Thorpe, 79, who died earlier this week at the Pythian Home at Vancouver, Washington, where he had lived the last several years. The service of the Knights of Pythias was used. Mr. Thorpe was born July 7, 1866 at Seymour, Iowa, and came in this locality when a small boy. He was in business here for many years and later moved to his acreage a mile from Alicel on the old Summerville road where he lived until going to Vancouver. The deceased leaves no known surviving relatives

Bethel Todd of Wallingford CT

Bethel Todd6, (Stephen5, Stephen4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Christopher1) married Hannah, daughter of Jonathan and Hannah (Barnes) Tuttle, who was born Jan. 4, 1761. They lived near the foot of the ‘Blue Hills’ in the southwest corner of the town of Wallingford, Conn., on the farm previously owned by her father, and known ever since as ‘Tuttle’s Farm’. Children: 701. John, b. 1794, d. unmarried. *702. Sherlock, b. 1796. *703. Edward, b. 1797. 704. Maria, m. William Judd, of Fairfield, Conn., where she was living in 1879. 705. Hannah, m. Burton Thorpe, removed to St. Louis, Mo.

Minnie E. Todd Thorpe

THORPE, Minnie E. Todd8, (Sereno B.7, William6, Yale5, James4, James3, Samuel2, Christopher1) born Oct. 20, 1857, married May 12, 1875, Henry L. Thorpe. Child: I. Clifford B., b. Aug. 24, 1879.