Surname: Grice

Captain McGehee, G. M. D. No. 673, Harrisonville District

Captain McGehee, G. M. D. No. 673, Harrisonville District Allen, James A. Allen, John A. Allen, Matthew Arnold, John Bailey, Jeremiah Bailey, Joseph Bailey, William Baley, James W. Barnes, Micajah R. Beck, Jacob Bird, John Black, Joseph Brooks, Biving Brooks, Julius H. Brown, Robert W. Bruster, Sheriff Bryant, Ransom R. Butt, Frederick A. Cardin, Jesse Cardwell, James Cardwell, John Cawsey, Absalom Cawsey, William Chapman, Berry Clark, John Cobb, Samuel B. Coney, William Cook, Philip Cox, Thomas W. Dewberry, Giles Dewberry, John Duke, John M. Duke, Thomas Duncan, Nathaniel Edwards, Asa Evans, William G. Ford, Bartholomew Ford, Jesse Freel, Howell Fuller,

Biography of Washington Leonidas Grice

A family tree would show four Grices in a direct line, all residents of Johnston County, North Carolina: Francis, who died in 1750, a copy of whose will appears in the published Colonial Records of North Carolina; his son, William, a Revolutionary soldier; and next, Stephen, a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Sessions, and his son, Garry, who in his youth was a civil engineer and laid out the town of Goldsboro, North Carolina. In 1822, Judge Stephen Grice, with his wife, who was formerly Miss Sally Simms, with their family, moved to Newton County, Georgia,