Marriages of Charlotte County Virginia, 1784-1815

This volume, “Marriages of Charlotte County, Virginia, 1784-1815,” compiles the marriage bonds and minister’s returns from Charlotte County during the specified period. The original work was painstakingly copied by Catherine Lindsay Knorr and published in 1951. The book spans 119 pages and includes a wealth of historical data on marriages that took place in this Virginia county.

Knorr’s endeavor to document these marriages was inspired by Dr. Joseph D. Eggleston’s suggestion to explore Charlotte County, which had not been previously examined in depth. Her work in Charlotte Court House began in April 1951, where she diligently transcribed the marriage records.

This publication presents several challenges for readers. Some pages are slightly tattered and torn, and the manuscript features irregular pagination. Additionally, there are tight or nonexistent margins, particularly at the bottom of the pages, and one page is typed on different paper than the rest.

The preface of the book offers a glimpse into Knorr’s personal experiences and reflections on Charlotte County. She describes the county’s serene and picturesque environment, its historical significance, and the notable figures associated with it, such as Patrick Henry and John Randolph. The preface also highlights the contributions of the Charlotte Militia during the American Revolution and the Civil War, underscoring the county’s rich historical heritage.

This compilation serves as a valuable resource for genealogists, historians, and anyone interested in the early marriages of Charlotte County, Virginia. It preserves the marital records from a significant period. Despite its physical imperfections, the book remains an important document for those researching the history and genealogy of this region. There is a full name index starting on page 95.

Marriage bonds and minister’s returns of Charlotte County, Virginia, 1764-1815

Note From the Author

Please look for all spellings of a name viz.: Hamblett – Hamlett; Hoard – Hord; Stoe – Stowe; Hailey – Haley; Chiidress – Childray; Gankins – Ginkins; Wilmouth – Wilmutt – Wilmot; Laine – Lane; Fowlks – Fulks; Brooke – Brooks, Biggs and Diggs got themselves mixed up, as did Reverley and Beverley. Such variations in spelling keep a genealogist on the alert to note and cross-index different interpretations of what is obviously the same name.

No liberties with spelling have been taken except in the instance of nicknames. Where Suckey was given on the bond and Susanna appears in the minister’s returns I have used the correct name, Susanna. So with Anne and Nancy; Martha and Patsey.

Most of the discrepancies between the bonds and minister’s returns are in the dates. But when we realize the ministers often made their returns to the County Court from memory and months after the wedding, it is surprising that they are as accurate as we find them.

There is a tragic break in Charlotte County Marriage Bonds between 1815 and 1850. Although it made this volume larger than any of my others, I have given you all of the bonds up to and including 1815, and of course the ministers’ returns to the same period.


Knorr, Catherine Lindsay, Marriage bonds and minister’s returns of Charlotte County, Virginia, 1764-1815, Pine Bluff, Ark. : C. L. Knorr, 1951.

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