Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Joseph Epperson

Epperson, Mrs. Joseph (See Grant and Downing)—Bettie, daughter of Columbus and Amanda (Ross) Phipps was born July 6, 1882. Married at Wagoner, July 29, 1902 Joseph Epperson, born in 1882 in Cleaburn County Arkansas. They are the parents of: William C., born December 11, 1903; Columbus P., born March 8, 1908; Lela Pearl, born April …

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Genealogy of the Lewis family in America

About the middle of the seventeenth century four brothers of the Lewis family left Wales, viz.: Samuel, went to Portugal; nothing more is known of him; William, married a Miss McClelland, and died in Ireland, leaving only one son, Andrew; General Robert, died in Gloucester county, Va. ; and John, died in Hanover county, Va. It is Andrews descendants who are featured in the manuscript.

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