1860 Free Inhabitants Creek Nation Page 1

1860 Census West of Arkansas – Creek Nation

Page 14 November 6, 1860 Israel G. Vine, Micco Post Office

152. Thornsbury,	John 66, m, VA School Teacher
			Sarah C. T. 38, f, VA School Teacher
			John E. 20, m, VA School Teacher

153. Holmes,		John M. 42, m, TN Merchant
			Sarah A. 38, f, TN
			Mary 8, f, TX
			William 5, m, AR
			Emma 3, f, AR
			Ella 1, f, AR

154. Holmes,		William M. 35, m, TN Merchant
			Fannie 21, f, CA
			Lillie 1, f, AR

155.*Maxwell,		Thomas 50, m, GA Teamster

156. Logan,		Loueza 40, f, VA (M) Cook
     Harvey,		James T. 22, m, MO Farm Laborer

157. Shaw,		Louisa P. 29, f, Switzerland Seamstress
			James H. 10, m, AR

158. Mathews,		John W. B. 27, m, AL Blacksmith
			Nancy T. 21, f, AL

     Perry,		Timothy 28, m, MA Carpenter

     Adams,		Frederick 32, m, ME Merchants Clerk

     Whitmore,		William 35, m, NY Driver

    *Balleau,		David 55, m, France Farmer

     Posely,		Henderson 19, m, MO Laborer

     Patton,		John 18, m, TX Laborer

     Childers,		James 54, m, TN Laborer
			Susan 51, f, TN
			Nancy 23, f, TN
			Arine 20, f, Cherokee Nation
			Guss 16, m, Cherokee Nation Laborer

     Childers,		Rheuben 24, m, TN Teamster

     Ames,		Robert R. 43, m, NY Teamster
			Ira 16, m, IL 
			Lucretia 14, f, IL
			Josephine 12, f, IL
			Henry 11, m, IL

     Wells,		Carter 32, m, AR Blacksmith
			Elisabeth 29, f, AR
			Caroline 9, f, AR
			Susan 6, f, AR

* Married natives, but not admitted to citizenship.

1860 Free Inhabitants Creek Nation page 14
1860 Free Inhabitants Creek Nation page 14

Adams, Aird, Allen, Ames, Armstead, Armstrong, Atkins, Barnett, Barns, Barnsvell, Barrows, Beams, Belcher, Bertold, Blackburn, Blue, Boling, Borgeaud, Broadnax, Brown, Bruner, Buckner, Butler, Callahan, Carruth, Cassdida, Cates, Childers, Clinton, Cloud, Colven, Cook, Cooney, Cooper, Cornell, Cozen, Crayson, Crowell, Dailey, Davis, Diar, Dixon, Downing, Dunsey, Dusaur, Eaton, Eby, Edmonds, Eliason, Emory, Esbivell, Essex, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Floyd, Fry, Gaines, Garrett, Gentry, Gibson, Glazebrook, Gooding, Goodman, Goody, Gordon, Grayson, Grigory, Hall, Hamersley, Hamiel, Hamilton, Hampton, Hanks, harken, Harvey, Hawkins, Hayes, Haynes, Helterbrand, Henry, Hockstetler, Hodge, Holmes, Hopkins, Hopwood, Illiskarpan, Jeuda, Job, Johnson, Kemp, Lamkin, Lance, Land, Landivere, Larne, Laughridge, Lawson, Lemore, Lewis, Lick, Lilley, Livingston, Logan, Lucas, Lunsford, Lynch, Maltby, Manly, Marsh, Mathews, Maul, Maxwell, McCullough, McKean, Miller, Millett, Mills, Moniac, Murrow, Neeley, Nero, Nevin, Noble, Patterson, Patton, Pearson, Pensins, Percival, Perry, Perryman, Porter, Posely, Powell, Preston, Ridgeway, Riley, Robertson, Robison, Roe, Rogers, Rop, Safley, Sancho, Sanger, Scarborough, Scheriff, Sem, Seminole, Severs, Shaw, Shepard, Shields, Shortess, Singer, Smith, Spaniard, Steel, Stewart, Stidham, Stryker, Taylor, Thompson, Thornsbury, Thorrip, Tuckaparche, Turner, Warfield, Watley, Wells, Wetzell, Whipple, Whitlow, Whitmore, Williams, Wining, Wiresman, Woodruff, Woods, Yonger,

Arkansas Census Records: A directory of resources providing online access to Arkansas Census records. See also United States Census Records for census records on all of the United States.

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  1. Name *Marie Butts

    Wow! Research is a difficult task If anyone have information on Marie Clark ‘Mother’ Lauderdale County, MS shown living in her grandmother Letha Addy household 1930

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