1860 Free Inhabitants Creek Nation Page 1

1860 Census West of Arkansas – Creek Nation

Free Inhabitants in “The Creek Nation” in the County “West of the” State of “Akansas” enumerated on the “16th” day of “August” 1860. While the census lists “free inhabitants” it is obvious that the list contains names of Native Americans, both of the Creek and Seminole tribes, and possibly others. The “free inhabitants” is possibly indicative that the family had given up their rights as Indians in treaties previous to 1860, drifted away from the tribe, or were never fully integrated (given citizenship). You will see those mentioned below that clearly married natives, but were not admitted to citizenship of the Creek Nation – they are identified by an * by Israel G. Vine. It appears that this denial of citizenship also carried to their children in most instances. The black (B) and mulatto (M) status may indicate only the fact of the color of their skin, or whether one had a white ancestors – they may still be partially Native American, and it’s possible they had no African ancestry at all.

Creek Indians who were admitted into citizenship are not listed on this page!

Page 1 August 20, 1860 Israel G. Vine, Micco Post Office

Surname, given name, age, sex, place of birth, race, occupation

1.  Buckner,		Henry	40, m, TN Baptist Missionary
			Lucy A. 40, f, KY
			Walter O. 16, m, KY
			Isham 48, m, KY (B) Servant

2.  Bertolf,		Thomas 30, m, NY Supt. Mission School
    Roe, 		Jesse 30, m, TN (B) Laborer

3.  Bailey,		Ward H. 49, m, NY Physician
			Lavina 49, f, CT
			Benjamin H. 21, m, AR Merchants Clerk
			Ward H. Jr. 12, m, AR

4.  Steel,		William 40, m, KY Labor

5.  Sanger,		Stephen 44, m, VA Merchant
			Mary  24, f, PA
			Edwin E. 18, m, AR Merchants Clerk
			Pauline H. 11, f, AR
			John 11/12, m, AR

6.  Eliason,		Landon C. 30, m, NC Merchant
    Armistead,		Bawles E. 22, m, VA Merchants Clerk
    Eliason,		Rutledge H. 22, m, VA Merchants Clerk

7.  Brown,		Christopher 47, m, VA Blacksmith
    			Jane 40, f, AL

8.  Downing,		Presley 62, m, VA Wagon Maker
    			Hannah 45, f, AL

9.  Rogers,		William H. 38, m, LA Merchant

10. Stryker,		John 55, m, NJ Merchants Clerk

11. Thompson,		Jesse 38, m, TN Hotel Keeper
     			Amanda 23, f, IN
			Mary 12, f, MO

12.  Smith,		Wilbourne 27, m, AL Farm Laborer
     Lucas,		Mary A. P. 33, f, GA

13.  Cassida, 	William 36, m, KY Carpenter

14.  Fry,		Andrew 35, m, OH Wagon Maker
			Charlotte 35, f, IN
			Elisabeth A. 15, f, OH
			Mary C. 11, f, OH
			William W. 9, m, OH
			Albert W. 3, m, MO

15.  Hochstetler, Stephen 28, m, PA Well Digger

16.* Broadnax,	John 73, m, VA School Teacher

17.* Gibson, 		John C. 48, m, GA Farmer

* Married natives, but not admitted to citizenship.

1860 Free Inhabitants Creek Nation Page 1
1860 Free Inhabitants Creek Nation Page 1

Adams, Aird, Allen, Ames, Armstead, Armstrong, Atkins, Barnett, Barns, Barnsvell, Barrows, Beams, Belcher, Bertold, Blackburn, Blue, Boling, Borgeaud, Broadnax, Brown, Bruner, Buckner, Butler, Callahan, Carruth, Cassdida, Cates, Childers, Clinton, Cloud, Colven, Cook, Cooney, Cooper, Cornell, Cozen, Crayson, Crowell, Dailey, Davis, Diar, Dixon, Downing, Dunsey, Dusaur, Eaton, Eby, Edmonds, Eliason, Emory, Esbivell, Essex, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Floyd, Fry, Gaines, Garrett, Gentry, Gibson, Glazebrook, Gooding, Goodman, Goody, Gordon, Grayson, Grigory, Hall, Hamersley, Hamiel, Hamilton, Hampton, Hanks, harken, Harvey, Hawkins, Hayes, Haynes, Helterbrand, Henry, Hockstetler, Hodge, Holmes, Hopkins, Hopwood, Illiskarpan, Jeuda, Job, Johnson, Kemp, Lamkin, Lance, Land, Landivere, Larne, Laughridge, Lawson, Lemore, Lewis, Lick, Lilley, Livingston, Logan, Lucas, Lunsford, Lynch, Maltby, Manly, Marsh, Mathews, Maul, Maxwell, McCullough, McKean, Miller, Millett, Mills, Moniac, Murrow, Neeley, Nero, Nevin, Noble, Patterson, Patton, Pearson, Pensins, Percival, Perry, Perryman, Porter, Posely, Powell, Preston, Ridgeway, Riley, Robertson, Robison, Roe, Rogers, Rop, Safley, Sancho, Sanger, Scarborough, Scheriff, Sem, Seminole, Severs, Shaw, Shepard, Shields, Shortess, Singer, Smith, Spaniard, Steel, Stewart, Stidham, Stryker, Taylor, Thompson, Thornsbury, Thorrip, Tuckaparche, Turner, Warfield, Watley, Wells, Wetzell, Whipple, Whitlow, Whitmore, Williams, Wining, Wiresman, Woodruff, Woods, Yonger,

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