Surname: Blue

1860 Free Inhabitants Creek Nation Page 1

1860 Census West of Arkansas – Creek Nation

Free Inhabitants in “The Creek Nation” in the County “West of the” State of “Akansas” enumerated on the “16th” day of “August” 1860. While the census lists “free inhabitants” it is obvious that the list contains names of Native Americans, both of the Creek and Seminole tribes, and probably others. The “free inhabitants” is likely indicative that the family had given up their rights as Indians in treaties previous to 1860, drifted away from the tribe, or were never fully integrated. The black (B) and mulatto (M) status may indicate only the fact of the color of their skin, or whether one had a white ancestors, they may still be Native American.

Slave Narrative of John W. Matheus

Interviewer: Bishop & Isleman Person Interviewed: John Williams Matheus Location: Steubenville, Ohio Age: 77 Place of Residence: 203 Dock Street WPA in Ohio Federal Writers’ Project Bishop & Isleman Reporter: Bishop (Revision) July 8, 1937 Topic: Ex-Slaves Jefferson County, District #5 JOHN WILLIAMS MATHEUS Ex-Slave, 77 years “My mothers name was Martha. She died when I was eleven months old. My mother was owned by Racer Blue and his wife Scotty. When I was bout eleven or twelve they put me out with Michael Blue and his wife Mary. Michael Blue was a brother to Racer Blue. Racer Blue died

Biographical Sketch of Richard W. Blue

Richard W. Blue, a Union veteran of Virginia and a leading lawyer and judge of Kansas, finally advanced to the halis of Congress as a representative of his adopted state. He was born in Wood County, Virginia, September 8, 1841, and was raised on a mountain farm near the present city of Grafton. In 1859 he entered Monongalia Academy at Morgantown, Va., and remained at that institution several years, first as pupil and later as teacher, Subsequently he entered Washington College, Pennsylvania, and remained there until he enlisted in the Third West Virginia Infantry, at the opening of the Civil

Biography of J. H. Blue

J. H. Blue. Many years have passed since Mr. and Mrs. Blue took up their residence in Champaign County and began their careers as progressive farmers, and at the present time they live in the comforts of a good town home at Rantoul. In the meantime their children have grown up, most of them have married and have homes of their own, and Mr. and Mrs. Blue are able to take the greatest satisfaction out of the large family circle that surround them. Both of them are natives of Germany. J. H. Blue was born in the little Town of

Biography of Antony H. Blue

Antony H. Blue. The poet who said, “Sweet are the uses of adversity,” had a true understanding of life’s meaning, since it is true that those are happiest who have lived most and have had experiences in which the sweet and the bitter have been mingled. It is the prosperity and contentment won by years of faithful toil, self-sacrifice and economy that Mr. and Mrs. Antony H. Blue enjoy in their beautiful home south of Thomasboro. Mr. and Mrs. Blue have lived in Champaign County since 1870. Years have brought their honest endeavors a full reward and besides their material

Biography of L. H. Blue

L. H. Blue. Hardly a more attractive rural home can be found in the entire scope of Champaign County than that of Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Blue, situated on Rural Route No. 21 out of Rantoul and section 8, some seven miles from that city. This home has been the product of Mr. and Mrs. Blue’s united endeavors and industry since they married, and it is with a pardonable degree of pride that they enjoy its comforts and satisfactions. Mr. Blue was born near Rantoul and is a son of John H. and Lena (Satthoff) Blue, energetic and worthy

Robert S. Blue

Corpl., Heavy Artly., B’try A, 81st Div., 316th Reg. Born in Moore County, the son of Mr. and Mrs. N.C. Blue. Entered the service Sept. 18, 1917, at Carthage, N.C. Was sent to Camp Jackson, S. C., Sept. 18, 1917. Sailed for Liverpool, England, Aug. 12, 1918. Was mustered out at Camp Lee, Va., June 20, 1919.

Walter Emmett Blue

Corpl., Heavy Artly., Battery F, 1st Reg. Born in Moore County, N.C., Dec. 17, 1895, and son of M. W. and Emma A. Blue, and husband of Iola B. (Currie) Blue. Entered the service at Carthage, N.C., May 28, 1918, and sent to Camp Jackson, S. C. Mustered out of the service at Camp Jackson, Dec. 14, 1918.