Surname: Gooding

1860 Free Inhabitants Creek Nation Page 1

1860 Census West of Arkansas – Creek Nation

Free Inhabitants in “The Creek Nation” in the County “West of the” State of “Akansas” enumerated on the “16th” day of “August” 1860. While the census lists “free inhabitants” it is obvious that the list contains names of Native Americans, both of the Creek and Seminole tribes, and probably others. The “free inhabitants” is likely indicative that the family had given up their rights as Indians in treaties previous to 1860, drifted away from the tribe, or were never fully integrated. The black (B) and mulatto (M) status may indicate only the fact of the color of their skin, or whether one had a white ancestors, they may still be Native American.

Biographical Sketch of John L. Gooding

John L. Gooding. This gentleman was born in St. Clair county, Illinois, July 21, 1839. His parents moved with him to Adams county when he was three years old, and there be grew up and acquired his education. He started in life as a farmer, and. has ever since been engaged in the same calling. In November, 1868, he came to Missouri and located in Lincoln township this county, where he has ever since resided, engaged in farming and stock-dealing. He has a well improved and well adapted farm of 162 acres of good land, on which he has a

Biography of Fred W. Gooding

Fred W. Gooding, ex-assessor and tax collector of Lincoln County and one of the most prominent and extensive sheep-raisers of this section of the state, was born in England, May 8, 1856, his parents, John and Elizabeth (Wyatte) Gooding being likewise natives of that country. Emigrating to the United States, they took up their residence in Paw Paw, Van Buren County, Michigan, where they still make their home, the father being a retired farmer of that locality. Both he and his wife are members of the Episcopal church. They had six sons and a daughter, and three of the sons

Biography of Hon. Frank R. Gooding

A gentleman to whom public attention has been directed by reason of his prominence in connection with the sheep-raising industry of the state and his leadership in political affairs is Frank R. Gooding, now an influential member of the state senate of Idaho. His service is characterized by a deep patriotism and fidelity to the general good and his devotion is all the more to be commended from the fact that he is of foreign birth, though of that nativity which ever begets the stanchest patriotism and the utmost integrity of character. He has passed the greater portion of his

Biographical Sketch of Ephraim Gooding

Ephraim Gooding, the first of the family of whom we have detailed record, was born in Dighton, Massachusetts, and removed to Bristol, New York, in the early part of the nineteenth century. He made the entire journey on foot, and upon his arrival purchased a large tract of land. He married Corintha Spencer, who was born in Bristol, New York, daughter of Abijah Spencer, who came from Massachusetts, and one of the first settlers at Bristol, Ontario. and she was one of the first white children born in Bristol.

Biographical Sketch of Edwin Gooding

Edwin, son of Ephraim and Corintha (Spencer) Gooding, was born October, 1820, in Bristol, Ontario county, New- York. and was engaged in farming throughout his life. He was a staunch supporter of Republican principles, and at one time served as justice of the peace for the town of Bristol. He married Fidelia Crooker, also a native of Bristol. Children: Albert F.. died September 22, 1892; Eva C.; Sarah I.; Elias J., see elsewhere.

Biographical Sketch of Elias J. Gooding

Elias J., son of Edwin and Fidelia (Crooker) Gooding, was born in Bristol, Ontario County, New York, April 9, 1862. His education, which was acquired at the district school and Canandaigua Academy. was an excellent one. From his early years he has assisted his father in the cultivation of the home farm and he was thus employed until 1894. when he purchased his father’s farm, which since that time has been under his sole management and is in a most flourishing condition. As an active member of the Republican party he has always taken a serious and beneficial interest in