The Indian Territory

The Publication of Leaders And Leading Men Of The Indian Territory is the result of a universal demand throughout the States for a more thorough and accurate knowledge of the Five Civilized Tribes.

The aim of the compiler, however, is not merely to introduce to the reading public the Leading Men of the Indian Territory, their laws and customs, etc., but to perpetuate for all time the memories of the most illustrious among the great American aborigines. To have permitted the ancient inhabitants of our republic to pass into oblivion, in these days of literary enterprise, would reflect discredit upon the philanthropy of the present generation, more especially now that the tribal governments are threatened with approaching dissolution.

“En passent” let us hope that this work, seeing that it sets forth the self-reliance and legislative independence of each distinctive government, as well as the rapid progress in business and agriculture, will serve as a strong protest against any undue action on the part of the United States to deprive these people of a country which they purchased and paid for, and which is theirs by treaty as long as “grass grows and water runs.” The compiler of this work, who has lived many years among the Indian people, and is familiar with their lives and mode of living, has prefixed to the numerous biographies a biief historic sketch of each Nation, with a criticism of their laws, customs and superstitions.

The present book, which is but the first volume of a work which will be given to the world in three volumes, treats only of the Choctaws and Chickasaws. Its biographical pages will be found to contain glimpses of all the leading men, with a few isolated exceptions, who from timidity, or prejudice, have refused to become identified with their more ambitious brethren. It will be observed that a few sketches contained herein are those of resident white men who have in some manner become identified with the institutions and industries of the country.

The compiler of Leaders And Leading Men Of The Indian Territory is under obligation to the many contributors, but especially to a few of the older members of the tribes, who have kindly volunteered their services on several occasions.

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