Biographical Sketch of James M. Boling, M. D.

James M. Boling was born January 31, 1856, the eldest son of R. J. Boling, at one time a prominent merchant in Cherokee County, Georgia. James entered the North Georgian Agricultural College, Dahlonega, North Georgia, at the age of twenty, and after a year and a half or two years’ attendance, entered college at Amherst, Virginia, where he remained one year. In 1884 he attended the Georgia Medical College, graduating from there in 1886. Commencing the practice of medicine immediately at Kensington, Georgia, he continued at that point for four years, moving to Claremore, Cherokee Nation (his present home), in 1890. In December of the same year he married Miss Julia M. Davis (born June, 1868, at Kensington, Georgia), daughter of John Davis, Jr., of Walker County, Georgia, an extensive farmer and stock-raiser, and part Cherokee. Mrs. Boling’s mother was a Miss Hall, daughter of S. B. Hall, a Tennessean by birth. Mrs. Boling is a lady of refinement and education, and fascinating in manner and appearance. She is quite popular in Vinita. Dr. Boling is somewhat above the middle height, intellectual looking, and courteous in manner and address. His education is far above the average, while his professional reputation stands high. The doctor has lately erected a drug store. Dr. Boling is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and a Master Mason of Crawfish Lodge No. 261, Georgia. He is very popular among the people of Claremore and its vicinity, and is greatly esteemed and respected by all who have the pleasure of his acquaintance.

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