Biography of John V. Kinney

John V. Kinney was born February 14, 1828, in Girard, Pennsylvania, the eldest son of Sidney Kinney, a farmer and stock-raiser. His mother was a Miss Tower, of German descent. John attended public school until he was about eighteen years of age, when he assisted his father for one year on the farm. When nineteen years old he went to Michigan, and was there connected with the livery and stage business for some years, when he moved to Leavenworth, Kansas, and became a wagon-master for the government on the plains, and continued in that capacity until 1862. Joining the Federal army, under Col. Moonlight, he remained in the service until the end of the war, and, after its close, commenced farming in Leavenworth County, where he remained until 1868, when he went to the Cherokee Nation with the Delaware tribe. On his arrival he once more commenced farming and stock rising, and continues the business to the present day. In August 1858, he married Miss Eliza Ketchum, daughter of the Rev. Charles Ketchum, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, North, who was three-fourths Delaware, and highly revered and beloved by his people. He was well known in Washington City, where he served as a delegate for his tribe on several occasions. Rev. Charles Ketchum was also second chief of the Delawares, and filled other responsible positions. Mrs. Kinney is a lady of good education and refinement, and is greatly respected by everybody. Mr. Kinney is a man of fine physical form and intellectual appearance, with a good practical education and business ability. He is generous and hospitable and therefore quite popular. His property consists of 650 acres of land in cultivation, near Lenopah Station, and a good residence, with orchard and gardens. His farm is known as the Hickory Creek Springs. He has also 35 head of cattle, 20 head of horses and about 100 head of hogs.


Indian Territory,

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