Biographical Sketch of William Peter McClellan

William P. McClellan was born December 28, 1855, in Boonesborough, Washington County, Arkansas, fourth son of E. W. McClellan, a white man of Scotch and Irish descent and a native of Alabama, who emigrated to Western Arkansas in 1833 and embarked in merchandise; he married Miss Sarah J. Truesdale, of Indian. William Peter went to Cane Hill College, Arkansas, at thirteen years of age, and, after five years’ schooling, commenced clerking for his brother, Charles M. McClellan, a merchant and stock-raiser at Tahlequah, for whom he worked five years. In October 1877, he married Miss Rachel L. Adair, daughter of J. L. Adair, one of the leading men in the nation. Mrs. McClellan is a lady of many accomplishments, and of a gentle and lovable disposition. In 1880 he moved to Coowescowee district where he commenced farming and stock raising in 1889. Disposing of his interest there, he returned to Tahlequah and became a clerk for J. L. Adair, which position he held until November 1891, when he was elected superintendent of the male academy, which office he holds at present. Mr. McClellan has five children, Mary E., Pearl, Edward W., William A., and Charles T. He is six feet two inches in height, and weighs 189 pounds, a gentleman of prepossessing appearance, courteous and pleasant in address. Mr. McClellan is an educated, reading man, and ambitious and energetic. He is quite popular in the country in which he is an adopted citizen.


Indian Territory,

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