Biographical Sketch of Charles A. Davis

The subject of this sketch was born July 3, 1851, at Clarksville, Arkansas, second son of Ben Davis, of Clarksville, Arkansas, a prominent merchant before the war. Charles’ mother was the daughter of Charles Poston, of Springfield, Missouri, a trader at that point. Charles went to Kane Hill College, Arkansas, for three years. Leaving there in 1871 he opened a livery business in Clarksville, Arkansas, and carried it on until 1875. In that year he sold patent pumps in Texas, and in 1876 began farming and raising stock in the eastern portion of the Cherokee Nation. In 1889 he opened a grocery house in Chelsea, which business he still carries on. On October 30, 1877, he married Miss Alice V. Russell, daughter of John Russell, a farmer and stockman. Her mother was a Miss McClure, a part Cherokee. Mr. and Mrs. Davis have four children, John, born October 19, 1883; Lyta, born March 12, 1887; Arthur, born March 10, 1889 and Mabel, born January 31, 1891. Mr. Davis carries a stock of about $1,500, is the owner of his building, an improved farm of 300 acres, some horses and cattle, and a nice town residence. He is about five feet eight and a half inches and weighs 137 pounds, is a pleasant, agreeable-mannered man and possesses good business qualifications. He is a member of the Odd Fellows’ lodge.


Indian Territory,

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