Biography of Ellis Buffentan Childers

Ellis Buffentan Childers was born January 10, 1866, the third son of Napoleon B. Childers and Sophia Melford. N. B. Childers was a half Cherokee and white man, adopted by the Creeks at the termination of the war. Ellis’ mother was one-fourth white and three-fourths Creek, while his grandfather, on both sides, was of English descent. The young man went to school at the old Tallahassee Mission in March 1877, where he remained three years. Afterward he went to the Government School at Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, where he remained three years and a half. During these years he acquired the printer’s trade, and left there in June 1884. Unfortunately, however, owing to lack of means, he was unable to return and complete his education. After he spent two years on a cattle ranch, until 1886, when he began to assist his father in agricultural pursuits, and with him he remained two years. In January 1888, he married Miss Fannie Davis, daughter of Mr. Joe Davis, a United States citizen, by whom he had two children, Walter aged two years, and Irene, one year. In 1887 he was elected a member of the House of Warriors (the youngest member of the Lower House), and in 1891 was again elected for a further term of four years. Mr. Childers first became prominent in the House by his defense of the present chief, when the Muskogee party used every effort to impeach him. The young man’s defense was a remarkable effort for one of his years and experience, and will go far in rendering him popular with his party. Mr. Childers owns about 50 head of cattle, 28 head of horses, 200 to 300 head of hogs, some good mules, and 60 acres of improved farm. He is now adding to this 150 acres of fine bottom land. Mr. Childers is a member of a stock company known as the Childers-Wilson Pasture Company. He belongs to the Presbyterian Church, and is a young man of bright intellect and pleasant manners. This young man was admitted to the bar in 1887, and has been practicing since that time, the title of the firm is known as Childers & Mingo. This firm has a large practice, and Mr. Childers bids fair to shine in his profession in the near future.


Indian Territory,

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