Biographical Sketch of George R. Rucker, M.D.

George R. Rucker was born in Randolph County, Missouri, in March 1862, the son of J. M. Rucker, of Muskogee. He was educated at the public schools until 1881, when he took a course in the industrial university, Fayetteville, Arkansas. In 1882 he entered the Missouri Medical College, St. Louis, and studied for two terms, graduating in 1887. He then commenced practice in the Cherokee Nation, and the following year moved to Eufaula, Creek Nation, where he resides at present. Dr. Rucker is local surgeon for the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad, and is insurance examiner for the Mutual and Equitable companies. He is also secretary for the Creek Medical Examining Board. Physicians practicing in this nation, who have not secured diplomas in the States, are required to stand examination by the board, and pay $25 license; while those who have diplomas, are only called upon to register and pay a fee of $5 each. Dr. Rucker pronounces the Creek Nation very healthy, there being very little sickness beyond the ordinary light malarial attacks. The doctor married Miss M. Hampton, daughter of J. M. Hampton; his wife is a Creek Indian by blood on the mother’s side.

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