Biographical Sketch of John L. Adair, Jr.

The subject of this sketch was born June 8th, 1866, at Tahlequah, being third son of John L. Adair, of that town. John L., Jr., began attending the Indian University in 1879, and after three years, went to the Male Seminary at Tahlequah, where he remained four years. On leaving there he devoted his time for three years to assisting his mother in the post office, after which he entered his father’s business house as clerk, in March 1890. In 1891 he was appointed district clerk, to fill the vacancy left on the death of Allen Ross, which office he still holds. In 1891 he married Miss Abbie G. Bourdman, daughter of William and Margaret Bourdman, of St. Louis, a family of prominence in that city. John L., Jr., is six feet high, weighs 150 pounds, and is a young many of prepossessing appearance, good address and polished manners. He is the owner of property in Vinita and Tahlequah to the amount of about $2,000, and is now practicing law at the last mentioned town. Being talented and ambitious, and possessing a good education, he will, no doubt, be heard from in the near future.


Indian Territory,

O'Beirne, Harry F. and Edward S. The Indian Territory: Its Chiefs, Legislators, and Leading Men. St. Louis. 1898.

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