Biographical Sketch of Simon Secondyne

The subject of this sketch was born June 15, 1854, in Wyandotte County, Kansas, third son of James Secondyne, who was chief of the Delaware tribe at the time of his death, in 1859. Simon’s mother was named Sallie Hill; she was a half-breed Delaware. Simon attended the Delaware Mission School until 1867, and then moved with his mother to the Cherokee Nation, where he again went to school in the district institutions until the age of nineteen, when he commenced farming and stock-raising, which business he still carries on. Simon married Miss Ruth Lyons, September 25, 1881, daughter of a white man named Lyons (who died in Kansas while his daughter was quite young) and sister to “Sarcoxie,” a prominent Delaware. By this marriage they have three children, Mary, born July 23, 1883; James, born January 13, 1887, and Alfred, born August 25, 1891. Mr. Secondyne has 400 acres of land under fence, 200 of which is planted in wheat. He has also about 80 head of cattle, 20 head of horses, and a good stock of hogs. He has a good comfortable residence on his own property. Mr. Secondyne is six feet high and weighs 258 pounds. He is a pleasant, cheerful-mannered man, and by nature intellectual and observant. Naturally kind-hearted and charitable, he has a large circle of friends and acquaintances, by all of whom he is greatly respected.


Indian Territory,

O'Beirne, Harry F. and Edward S. The Indian Territory: Its Chiefs, Legislators, and Leading Men. St. Louis. 1898.

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