Biography of Thomas William Triplett

The subject of this sketch was born at Caney Creek, near Tahlequah, May 24, 1869, the son of William Triplett, a half-breed, and Nannie Saunders, who was almost a full blood. Thomas, when quite young, attended a neighborhood school close to his birthplace until, moving to Tahlequah in 1878, he went to the public school for one year, after which, in 1879, he entered the national seminary, graduating and securing his B. A. under Professor Davis in 1886. On leaving the seminary, he was appointed for a while as deputy district clerk of the district of Tahlequah, but soon after commenced school teaching at Rabbit Trap, Going Snake district. During the five years that have elapsed since then, Mr. Triplett was appointed to the following schools for shorter or longer periods, Spring Creek, Payne Spring (two terms), Fort Gibson and Saga School, which last position he did not take owing to his having received a better appointment. When the Bushyhead party got into power, Mr. Triplett was appointed clerk of the committee on insane asylums by William Henricks, which office he held for two years. On the change of administration which followed, he was appointed for the same length of time as interpreter for the committee on the Cherokee Advocate. In 1890 he was appointed special secretary of the treasury, and interpreter for same, which office he held until November 1891, when he was elected district clerk of Tahlequah district, and in this capacity will serve for two terms. Mr. Triplett is a young man of great promise, well educated for his age, and possessing plenty of pluck and ambition. He is one of the most popular of the young men now in office, and his star is in the ascendant. His father is a member of the committee appointed to negotiate with the Cherokee United States Commission.

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