Biographical Sketch of William Richard Mills

The subject of this sketch was born July 4, 1855, the son of James Lloyd Mills, a white man, and Elizabeth Fields, daughter to Richard Fields and grand-daughter to the well known Dick Fields, who was murdered by Bowles in the State of Texas. Mr. W. R. Mills was born in the neutral strip, and refugeed with his mother and brothers during the war at Boonsborough, Ark., while his father was serving as lieutenant in Stand Watie’s command. After the war his father settled on the west side of Grand River, having had all his property in the strip confiscated during his absence. William first attended school in the Coowescoowee district, and from thence went to the National Male Seminary, Tahlequah, where he completed his education in 1881. In the fall of 1883 he married Miss Laura McClelland, daughter of the late White McClelland, a merchant of Boonsville. By this marriage he has two children: Eddie, five years, and Annie, three years old. Mr. Mills was elected a member of Coowescoowee district August 1891, and is at present holding that office. He has a farm of 160 acres, a stock of cattle, and a good house and orchard within five miles of Pryor Creek Station, on Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad. Mr. Mills is a gentleman of good address and prepossessing appearance, with plenty of good sense and ambition. His father is still living and in good circumstances. On his mother’s side he is connected with some of the leading families in the nation.


Indian Territory,

O'Beirne, Harry F. and Edward S. The Indian Territory: Its Chiefs, Legislators, and Leading Men. St. Louis. 1898.

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