Biographical Sketch of Thomas Canard

Thomas Canard was born at Cane Creek in the year 1841, the third son of Yahartostanuggee, a full blood Indian and king of the Eufaula Town. His mother’s name was Polly, daughter of a white man. Thomas went to Asberry Mission for eight years, leaving that institution in 1857 and remaining at his home until 1861, when he married Miss Negaya, daughter of the king of the Thlopthlocco Town, and thus started in life on his own responsibility. By this marriage he had one child, Wisie, born March 18, 1865. In the meantime he joined the Confederate service as sergeant, and, after the usual experience, returned to his home. After the death of his first wife he married Yanar, grand-daughter of Thalarth-hayo, king of the Kealiger Town, by whom he has five children, Jefferson, born June, 1870; Lucy B., April, 1873; Louisa, November, 1875; Felix B., December, 1879, and Lolie B., March, 1885. In 1867 Thomas was elected as light-horseman, which office he held four years. Soon afterward he was elected district judge of Weanoka, which office he holds at present, and has been re-elected for the coming term. Mr. Canard has 100 head of cattle, 100 acres of farm in good cultivation, and horses and hogs sufficient for his own use. He is a member of the Methodist Church, has a good education and a kind disposition, which renders him very popular among his people. Mr. Canard is about two-thirds Indian, is five feet nine inches in height, and weighs 160 pounds.


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Indian Territory,

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