Biographical Sketch of Joseph Heinrichs

Joseph Heinrichs was born February 15, 1851, at Nord Keichen, Westphalia, Germany, the youngest son of Everhart Heinrichs. Joseph came to the United States in 1867, landing at New York, from whence he traveled south until he arrived at Little Rock, Arkansas, where he remained for a short time. Leaving there he went to Fort Smith, the home of his brother and sister, and in that town started in the shoemaking business as an apprentice. Serving three years he returned to Little Rock in 1871 and worked his trade for nine months, when he went to Tahlequah, Indian Territory, and there commenced business for himself, soon combining the shoemaking trade with that of buying hides and furs. In 1879 he bought a stock of groceries, and in 1891, started a meat market in connection with the same. He is now carrying a stock of queensware, and boots and shoes in addition–his total stock amounting to about $3,000. Mr. Heinrichs has a nice residence, and the finest orchard in Tahlequah. He also owns about sixty head of stock cattle and a large drove of hogs. In August 1874, he married Miss Lucy Kilpatrick, daughter of Joshua Kilpatrick and Eliza Hilderbrand, who was daughter of Hilderbrand of Cherokee fame. The issue of this marriage was four children, Mary, Catherine, Eliza and Henry. Mr. Heinrichs is a good man of good education and first-class business ability, having an excellent reputation for honesty and reliability wherever he is known.

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