Biography of Joshua Burdett

The subject of this sketch was born at Fulton, Mo., October 1862, being the son of George F. Burdett, late of Lancaster, Ky., but at present practicing law in Clarksville, Texas. Joshua, after his mother’s death, was, at an early age, thrown much upon his own resources, as his father married a second time, and the young man, being of an independent disposition, undertook his own education and advancement. After a course of study at Fulton and St. Louis, Joshua entered the mercantile house of C. W. Samuels & Co. (his cousin), at Fulton, where he remained for five years. In 1881 he moved to Eufaula, in the Creek Nation, and in the following year entered the mercantile establishment of Messrs. Patterson & Foley. For eight years he devoted himself arduously to business, until 1890, when he embarked in the hardware line, establishing, in conjunction with C. Foley, what is known as the J. Burdett Hardware Company. Messrs. Burdett and Foley are thorough businessmen. Their stock of goods includes buggies, wagons, harness, saddlery, furniture, carpets, lumber, cement, etc., and their trade is very extensive. In 1887 Mr. Burdett married Miss Sudie Crabtree, a daughter of the late G. M. Crabtree, of Eufaula, a citizen of the Creek Nation. Few young men have improved the occasion so well, or made better use of their citizen privileges, than Mr. Burdett. Within a few years he has cultivated 500 acres of land and fenced 640 acres of pasturage, within two mile of Checotah. He has also 1,000 head of beef steers and 500 head of stock cattle at his ranch. In the town of Eufaula Mr. Burdett has no less than twelve acres, four nice dwellings and a blacksmith shop. His private residence is a model of neatness and taste. Mr. Burdett has a policy of $5,000 in the Equitable Life Insurance Company.

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