Biographical Sketch of John Franklin Wilson

The subject of this sketch was born August 21, 1861, in Quitman, Wood County, Texas, the only son of John W. Wilson and Ellen Thompson, a Cherokee by blood. After his parents died in 1869, he was sent to school in the neighborhood for four years, and in 1878 went to Alexander Institute, Kilgore, Texas, where he remained one year. Returning to Wood County he commenced farming, and continued it for two years, after which he attended bar for Col. G. W. Haines, of Quitman, for about the same length of time. Moving to Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation, he accepted a position as clerk for Johnson Thompson, of that place, for twelve months, after which he entered R. M. French’s establishment, remaining in that position but seven months, until he purchased the livery stable built by Mr. Alberty, and embarked in the livery business, in which he still continues. Dr. Wilson married Miss Ida Jeffers, of Berryville, Arkansas, July 29, 1889, a daughter of John Jeffers, a white man, and brother of Drs. Captain Adair, of Tahlequah. By this marriage they have one child, born May 7, 1890. Dr. Wilson’s stable consists of sixteen horses, four buggies and five hacks, while his building and lot is valued at $2,500. He is also owner of a farm of 250 acres, two miles west of town, sixty acres of which is in good cultivation, and as small stock of cattle, hogs, etc. Dr. Wilson is six feet high, weighs 195 pounds, and is a man of fine intellectual appearance, full of energy and enterprise and very popular.

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