Biographical Sketch of William Arthur Madden

William A. Madden was born in April, 1853, at St. Mark’s, Canada, and moved from there to New York in 1868, where he learned the profession of builder and architect. He left New York in 1871, and moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where he followed his profession until 1880, when he went to Kansas City. Leaving there in 1882, he located at Muskogee, Indian Territory, and in 1885 built a factory 36 x 76 feet, which he added to in 1888 until it now measures 108 x 206 feet. This establishment contains a tin shop, a plumbing shop and a paint shop, besides a planing mill not only the most extensive in the Indian Territory but larger than the vast majority of such mills in the United States. Mr. Madden transacts an immense business in the various branches of building. In his factory and out-doors he employs from 50 to 200 men, having in his employment the most skillful artisans that can be secured. This fine factory occupies two acres of ground close to the depot, with a good water supply. It is lighted with gas and equipped with the latest improved machinery. Mr. Madden, who is a natural musician, organized a band in Muskogee named Madden’s Mechanics’, consisting of twelve members, of which he is himself president and manager. The members are furnished with a handsome uniform (see engraving on another page). Mr. Madden deserves great credit for his energy and enterprise, which has been the means of giving employment to so many, and helping the growth of Muskogee.



Indian Territory,

O'Beirne, Harry F. and Edward S. The Indian Territory: Its Chiefs, Legislators, and Leading Men. St. Louis. 1898.

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