Biographical Sketch of Wiley Smith

Wiley Smith was born about 1843, in the Creek Nation, being the youngest son of Kosayar-E-Holar, a Creek. In youth he was sent to a neighboring school, for a short time, after which he went to work with his father until he was twenty-one years of age, when he married a full-blooded girl, named Tildie, the issue of this marriage was one boy, named Joe. After marriage he commenced working for himself, on a farm that he improved. Some time after the death of his wife, who only survived four years, he married in 1886, Roddie, the daughter of Mich-charhiya (a man of some prominence among his people), by whom he has two children living, Lena, born July, 1879, and Jim, born October, 1890. Mr. Smith was elected to the House of Warriors early in life, and retained his office by re-election for twelve years, after which he was called to the House of Kings, serving satisfactorily for a term of four years. He represented the town of Weogofka, whose citizens claim to be a branch of the original Muskogees. Mr. Smith has a comfortable farm of forty-five acres under cultivation, with cattle, horses, and hogs, sufficient for his own use and consumption. He is a full-blood Creek Indian, about five feet eleven inches in height, and weighs 145 pounds; he is of good appearance, affable and kind-hearted, and very popular with his people. His father Kosayar-E-Holar, was a member of the legislature of the Creek Nation for a long time.


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