Biographical Sketch of Dr. Charles M. Ross

The subject of this sketch was born at Tahlequah, Indian Territory, December 17, 1868, eldest son of R. B. Ross, ex-treasurer, and great-grandson of Chief John Ross. Chas. M. Ross received his education at the Male Seminary, Tahlequah, graduating in 1887 with high honors. Soon after he entered the Missouri Medical College, St. Louis, where he graduated March 31, 1891, and returning to Tahlequah commenced the practice of medicine. He moved to Claremore August 1st of the same year, and established himself with Dr. J. C. Bushyhead, son of the ex-chief and an old classmate of his in the medical college. These young physicians are meeting with the success which their energy and industry deserves. Dr. Ross is still unmarried, but time will remedy that drawback. The doctor’s mother was a Miss Fannie Thornton, granddaughter of John Daniel, one of the old settlers and well known throughout the nation. Dr. Ross, by reason of his connection with the leading families of the nation, has a large circle of acquaintances, who hold him in high esteem. The doctor owns a good farm, which is well stocked and cared for, and a lucrative practice which is rapidly increasing.


Indian Territory,

O'Beirne, Harry F. and Edward S. The Indian Territory: Its Chiefs, Legislators, and Leading Men. St. Louis. 1898.

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