Descendants of Alexander Bisset Munro of Bristol, Maine

Alexander Bisset Munro was born 25 Dec. 1793 at Inverness, Scotland to Donald and Janet (Bisset) Munro. Alexander left Scotland at the age of 14, and lived in Dimecrana in the West Indies for 18 years. He owned a plantation, raising cotton, coffee and other produce. He brought produce to Boston Massachusetts on the ship of Solomon Dockendorff. To be sure he got his money, Solomon asked his to come home with him, where he met Solomon’s sister, Jane Dockendorff. Alexander went back to the West Indies, sold out, and moved to Round Pond, Maine, and married Jane. They had 14 children: Janet, Alexander, Margaret, Nancy, Jane, Mary, Solomon, Donald, John, William, Bettie, Edmund, Joseph and Lydia.

The numbering system begins with Alexander B. Munro as #1. The first child becomes 1-1, the second child is 1-2. The system follows the children as they are born in their generation. Therefore, the 4th child born to the 8th child in the 2nd generation would be 1-8-4. Generations are indicated by an Id #, given in bold; with the first generation (Alexander B. Munro) being Id No. 1; the second generation with Id No. 2, etc. Thus Id No. 5-1-3-5 means the fifth generation; with the 1-3-5 portion identifying this as the 5th child of the third child of Alexander B. Munro.

Spouses entering into the family, either male or female, are given an “A” letter, following the individual’s number, in the index. If there is a second marriage, a “B” letter is added, or a “C” letter if there is a third marriage, etc.

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Title page to the Munro Family. Click on book image to read book. Must be "checked out" first.
Title page to the Munro Family. Click on book image to read book. Must be “checked out” first.

Surnames Mentioned in Munro Family:

Achorn, Aderton, Aldus, Allain, Allan, Allard, Allison, Alton, Ambrose, Ames, Anderson, Andrews, Anfinson, Anglin, Annan, Anvik, Appleyard, Asali, Ashley, Atkinson, Atton, Atwood, Austin, Bailey, Baker, Ballew, Banks, Bannister, Barber, Barlow, Barter, Basset, Beal, Beane, Beaulieu, Beck, Beckman, Bedford, Beety, Benner, Bennett, Benson, Bernadi, Berquist, Berube, Birch, Bird, Bissett, Bittenbender, Blackstone, Blaney, Bohm, Bolinger, Bonheim, Boulay, Bouvin, Bowden, Boyles, Bradley, Bramlett, Brand, Brann, Breder, Brewer, Bridges, Brooks, Brosius, Brough, Brown, Bryant, Buck, Burbank, Burnett, Burns, Burtchell, Butler, Cahoon, Cain, Cameron, Campbell, Carney, Caron, Carpenter, Carr, Carroll, Carter, Collins, Comey, Connors, Cook, Coombs, Cooper, Copeland, Corbeil, Corcoran, Cornwall, Corscadden, Coty, Creighton, Crispell, Crocker, Croy, Cuddy, Cullen, Cullivan, Cunha, Cunningham, Currier, Curtis, Cushing, Cushman, Cuthbertson, Cutler, Cyr, Dahms, Dalrymple, Davidson, Davis, Day, Dean, Dear, Dearborn, Deehan, Deerfoot, deGreenia, Delano, Desmarais, Dexter, Dixon, Dockendorff, Dodge, Donegan, Dorr, Dow, Downey, Drew, Dubois, duBosky, Dudley, Duffy, Duncan, Dyer, Earle, Eaton, Eborall, Eckholm, Edwards, Ehring, Eliason, Ellicott, Ely, Emery, Englert, Erskine, Ervine, Fairbanks, Farmer, Fast, Favazza, Fernald, Ferrill, Fillmore, Fish, Flaherty, Flock, Fogarty, Foley, Forrest, Fossett, Foster, Franck, Freeman, French, Frost, Frye, Fullerton, Gaeth, Gamage, Gardiner, Garfield, Garnett, Garrick, Gay, Genthner, Geyer, Giddons, Giesecke, Gilchrist, Gilman, Gionest, Glines, Goddard, Godin, Goins, Golden, Gonyer, Gooch, Goodale, Goodwin, Googins, Gordon, Goulet, Goyet, Gram, Grant, Gray, Green, Greenlaw, Greenwood, Greer, Gregory, Griffin, Griffith, Grosser, Grubb, Gruber, Guest, Gustin, Hague, Hall, Halligan, Hamilton, Hammers, Hammond, Hanna, Hansen, Hanson, Harding, Harmon, Harrar, Harrington, Harris, Hartford, Hatch, Havener, Hawkens, Haworth, Hayes, Healy, Hebert, Hezlep, Hickman, Higgins, Hill, Hilt, Hinds, Hinkley, Hitchcock, Hobart, Hodge, Hodges, Hodgkins, Hoffman, Hoffses, Hope, Hopkins, Houghaboon, Huff, Hurd, Hutchins, Hyland, Ilvonen, Irving, Jackowicz, Jackson, Jacobson, Jamieson, Jamison, Jannetti, Jefferson, Jelly, Jensen, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Kahn, Kallock, Kamm, Karch, Katzenberger, Kee, Kelley, Kelly, Kennedy, Keyes, Kierman, Kilbride, Killam, Kingsbury, Kinney, Knight, Korhonen, Kowalchuck, Kraft, Kreidler, Krulicki, Kuebler, labranche, Lackey, Lafond, Lake, Lamb, Lane, Lastin, Lathrop, Lavaude, Lawrence, Lawson, Lawton, Leavitt, Leclair, Lee, Leeman, Leonard, Lewis, Libby, Liechty, Light, Lincoln, Lindsey, Lloyd, Locke, Long, Lord, Loring, Lunt, Lynch, Lynn, Macfawn, Maclure, Maddelena, Maddocks, Madore, Magaw, Mairs, Malcolm, Manchester, Mank, Manning, Manseau, Marchand, Margison, Mariello, Marriott, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Mathiau, Matson, Maurer, Mayo, McAvenney, McCallum, McCasland, McCorison, McCormick, McDonough, McGee, McGrath, McGreevy, McLain, McNulty, McPhillips, Mead, Merrill, Midkeff, Miers, Mihay, Miller, Mills, Miranda, mitchell, Mixon, Miyasaka, Moody, Moore, Moreschi, Morgan, Morrison, Morrow, Morse, Morton, Mosher, Mouldin, Munro, Munroe, Munsey, Murphy, Murray, Myrick, Nedroscik, Newcomb, Nichols, Nolette, Northam, Noyes, Nute, Nutter, O’Brien, O’Connell, O’Connor, O’Der, O’Leary, O’Neil, Ohrenberger, Olson, Ophenstein, Orlando, Orne, Orrs, Osier, Otis, Overlock, Owens, Pannier, Paquette, Patterson, Pavao, Pease, Pelletier, Penfold, Penn, Pennini, Penrod, Peria, Perkins, Perrin, Peters, Peterson, Petrie, Pettingill, Pezella, Philbrook, Phillips, Picard, Pierce, Pike, Pinkham, Piper, Pitcher, Pittman, Plasse, Plemons, Pogson, Pohl, Poisson, Pomroy, Porter, Precott, Prentice, Prior, Pulsifer, Qualman, Raitt, Randall, Rattan, Raulston, Razellla, Reardon, Reed, Reynolds, Ribeiro, Rice, Rich, Richards, Richardson, Ridlon, Robbins, Roberts, Robinson, Rockwell, Rogerson, Rolphs, Rose, Roy, Rozelle, Rumpe, Rusgrove, Ruth, Rye, Rykken, Salvucci, Samuels, Sanders, Sanderson, Sandoval, Santl, Sawyer, Schwalm, Schwenk, Scott, Scoullar, Seaver, Seavey, Senecal, Sessums, Severson, Shapley, Shatswell, Shaw, Shay, Sheppard, Shrout, Silloway, Silva, Simmons, Slechta, Small, Smalley, Smith, Snodgrass, Snow, Snyder, Somes, Soule, Southwick, Sowder, Spear, Spencer, Spulick, Stambaugh, Stanley, Steele, Stenger, Stetson, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stimson, Stockus, Stokes, Stone, Stoneburner, Strang, Stuart, Sukeforth, Sullivan, Svenson, Swanner, Swanson, Sweeney, Swett, Swift, Sykes, Sylvester, Takasch, Tarp, Taylor, Thibodeau, Thomas, Thompson, Thorsterson, Tootle, Torrey, Trundy, Turner, Tuttle, Tyson, Umberhind, Utley, Vance, Vay Spencer, Vernay, Vervais, Vierra, Villeneuve, Vose, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Walters, Walton, Waltz, Wardwell, Warren, Washburn, Wass, Watkins, Watson, Webber, Weink, Wellington, Wellman, Wells, Werner, West, Wettig, Wheeler, Whitcomb, Whittemore, Wiggins, Wilder, Wiley, Willer, Willey, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Wincapaw, Winchenbach, Wing, Winkley, Winship, Winslow, Wiseman, Withee, Wolfe, Wong, Wood, Woodbury, Woodward, Wotton, Wright, Wyman, Yarborough, Yates, York, Young, and Zender.

[box]Munro, Ronald G. <cite>Munro family</cite>: Descendants of Alexander Bisset Munro of Bristol, Maine. Camden, Maine: Penobscot Press. 1989.[/box]

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