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History and Biographies of Todd and Christian Counties, Kentucky

Be it Enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That from and after the first day of April next, all that part of said counties of Logan and Christian, contained in the following boundary, to wit: Beginning on the Tennessee State line, at the present corner of the counties of Logan and Christian, on said State line; thence on a straight line to the Muhlenberg County line, two miles east of the present corner of said counties of Logan and Christian, on said Muhlenberg County line; then westwardly with said Muhlenberg County line, until a due south line will strike a point ten miles due east of the most eastwardly boundary of the town of Hopkinsville, and continue south to the said State line, and eastwardly with it to the place of beginning, shall be one distinct county, called and known by the name of Todd, in honor of the memory of Col. John Todd, who gallantly fell in the service of his country on the [19th] day of August, 1782, at the battle of the Blue Licks.

History of Todd County, Kentucky

Biographies of Christian County, Kentucky

Biographies of Todd County, Kentucky

  1. Adams, R. N.
  2. Anderson, F. L.
  3. Arnold, Lycurgus H.
  4. Bailey, D. L.
  5. Barksdale, William H.
  6. Bartlett, Joseph W., Dr.
  7. Bass, R. F.
  8. Bearden, William R.
  9. Beazley, Thomas
  10. Bell, John F.
  11. Bell, William M.
  12. Bellamy, R. D.
  13. Bivin, John Brown
  14. Bradshaw, Robert
  15. Brown, Elijah C.
  16. Brown, M. D., Col.
  17. Brumfield, Charles C.
  18. Buckley, William O.
  19. Buie, William E.
  20. Butler, Benjamin B.
  21. Byars, Alexander T., Sr.
  22. Byars, F. M.
  23. Camp, Thomas J.
  24. Carneal, Benjamin F.
  25. Cathcart, Enoch J.
  26. Chesnut, Franklin M.
  27. Chesnut, Samuel
  28. Christian, Richard C.
  29. Clark, Wade M.
  30. Cocke, William B.
  31. Cole, W. F.
  32. Coleman, R. H.
  33. Coleman, W. W.
  34. Crutchfield, Charles B.
  35. Dance, Thomas P.
  36. Davis, Jacob B.
  37. Deason, W. H.
  38. Dickinson, Joseph S., Dr.
  39. Downer, Benjamin

Downer, John S.

  1. Downer, Preston E.
  2. Downer, Robert W.
  3. Duffy, P. O.
  4. Duncan, James D.
  5. Eddins, Benjamin D.
  6. Finch, John R.
  7. Foster, J. Robert
  8. Fox, Lucy A.
  9. Francis, P. D.
  10. Fulcher, John W.
  11. Galbraith, T. W.
  12. Garth, Egbert
  13. Garth, George E.
  14. Gill, G. H.
  15. Gill, W. S.
  16. Girod, Louis N.
  17. Goodman, Daniel E.
  18. Grady, James R., Dr.
  19. Grady, Robert R., Dr.
  20. Graves, Marcus M.
  21. Griffin, P. C.
  22. Grissam, John W.
  23. Haddox, Charles W.
  24. Hale, Jonah W.
  25. Hall, James H.
  26. Hall, M.
  27. Hardison, Richard C.
  28. Harrel, George A., Dr.
  29. Heltsley, John H.
  30. Hill, Benjamin F.
  31. Hinkle, John H.
  32. Hinton, Samuel
  33. Holland, John
  34. Hollins, R. Clarence
  35. Hollins, R. T.
  36. Hunter, Melville C.
  37. Jefferson, Walter B., Dr.
  38. Jesup, George W.
  39. Jesup, William H.
  40. Johnson, B. D.
  41. Johnson, Vertner R.
  42. Jones, Elijah N.
  43. Jones, Samuel H.
  44. Jordan, Coleman
  45. Kay, N. E.
  46. Kennedy, Michael
  47. Kimbrough, W. L.
  48. King, Sarah F., Miss.
  49. Latham, G. W.
  50. Lear, George
  51. Lewis, Augustus, Dr.
  52. Lewis, George B.
  53. Lewis, John W.
  54. Lindsey, Romulus A.
  55. Linebaugh, Jo
  56. Link, William R.
  57. Lowry, S. M., Dr.
  58. Luckett, J. W.
  59. McColpin, Barnet
  60. McColpin, Charner A.
  61. McElwain, Alexander
  62. McElwain, James C.
  63. McGehee, Charles J.
  64. McGehee, Samuel
  65. McGehee, William C.
  66. McKinney, Alva T., Dr.
  67. McKinney, Robert H.
  68. McLeod, Alexander O.
  69. McReynolds, John O., Dr.
  70. Meriwether, Douglas
  71. Meriwether, W. D., Dr.
  72. Merritt, Daniel R., Dr.
  73. Miles, Felix G.
  74. Mimms, Thomas S.
  75. Mobley, William E., Elder
  76. Moore, Andrew Norton
  77. Morgan, Daniel
  78. Morton, H. Edgar
  79. Murphy, John W.
  80. Norris, T. P.
  81. O’Daniel, Aaron Virgil
  82. Pendleton, James R.
  83. Penrick, James T.
  84. Perkins, Benjamin T., Jr.
  85. Perkins, Joseph R.
  86. Perkins, Seymour H.
  87. Petree, John W.
  88. Petrie, Hazel G.
  89. Phillips, J. L.
  90. Platowsky, S.
  91. Pogue, John J.
  92. Porter, Baxter C.
  93. Porter, G. E.
  94. Powell, Charles M.
  95. Powell, Pinkney
  96. Reese, Asbury Stamper
  97. Reeves, Crittenden, Rev.
  98. Reeves, Willis B.
  99. Rice, John M.
  100. Riley, John W.
  101. Riley, N. B.
  102. Roach, John McL.
  103. Robinson, Presley B.
  104. Rudd, Henry R.
  105. Russell, David N.
  106. Russell, E. P., Dr.
  107. Russell, George R.
  108. Russell, Joe C.
  109. Rutherford, Thomas B.
  110. Salmon, Paul H.
  111. Salmon, W. H.
  112. Sarver, W. H.
  113. Sears, F. H.
  114. Sebree, E. G., Col.
  115. Shelton, Virgil T., Dr.
  116. Shelton, W. B.
  117. Simons, George
  118. Simpson, J. M.
  119. Smith, D. B., Hon.
  120. Smith, Thomas U.
  121. Snadon, John F.
  122. Spillman, Isaac
  123. Stephens, John
  124. Stephenson, William Pinckney
  125. Stinnett, William W.
  126. Stinson, William W.
  127. Street, George
  128. Taliaferro, Samuel W.
  129. Talley, James B.
  130. Tandy, Charles E.
  131. Tandy, John Davis
  132. Tandy, Sarah A., Mrs.
  133. Tate, W. F.
  134. Taylor, Sallie E., Mrs.
  135. Terry, K. L.
  136. Trabue, B. M., Dr.
  137. Trabue, L. P.
  138. Tucker, Levi
  139. Tutt, John W.
  140. Utley, James A.
  141. Wade, Nelson
  142. Wakefield, James H., Dr.
  143. Walton, I. N., Dr.
  144. Ware, Charles William
  145. Watts, Eugene O.
  146. Watts, George W.
  147. Wells, Samuel Horace
  148. White, Thomas H.
  149. Williams, R. V., Dr.
  150. Willoughby, Harry F.
  151. Wilson, Josiah
  152. Wood, Hardin J.
  153. Wood, John H.
  154. Wyatt, Benjamin T.
  155. Wyatt, William S.
  156. Young, Robert D.


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Todd County KY,

Battle, J. H. Counties Of Todd And Christian, Kentucky. Historical And Biographical. F. A. Battey Publishing Co., Chicago And Louisville. 1884. At current time this manuscript consists of only the Todd County section and a few biographies from Christian County.

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