Biographical Sketch of Robert W. Downer

ROBERT W. DOWNER, son of John S. and Elizabeth W. Downer, was born February 3, 1843, on the place where he now resides in Todd County, Ky. Subject was married January 29, 1867, to Miss Sada K. daughter of Rev. Robert and Jane A. (Fuqua) Williams, of McCracken County, Ky., and to them was born one child-Preshie (deceased). Subject is a nurseryman by profession, and together with his brother, is extensively engaged in the nursery business, under the firm name of Downer & Brother, successors to their father, who established the business in 1834. They have at all times eighty acres of nursery stock, and graft or bud annually over 250,000 apple, 200,000 peaches, 20,000 pears, 15,000 plums, 10,000 cherries, with small fruit, ornamental trees, and other things in proportion. He is also a farmer, owning 550 acres of very valuable land in a high state of cultivation. In religion he is a Baptist and in politics a Democrat.

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