The Cherokee Land Lottery

1832 Georgia Land Lottery Deed
1832 Georgia Land Lottery Deed

The Land Lottery dataset contains the names and residence of all the fortunate drawers in the Land Lottery of the Cherokee country, arranged by districts in numerical order, all carefully copied from the originals in the Executive Department and the office of the Surveyor General, designating also the lots which have been granted. We have given the quality of the lots in some instances, but not generally, deeming it altogether unimportant, from the well known inaccuracy of the surveyors in classing their value, and from the additional fact that very few individuals engage in contracts for real estate until they are enabled by personal observation to place a proper estimate upon the premises. By reference to the numerical list, the drawer’s name and residence can be readily ascertained.

To those who drew land in this lottery — who are desirous of obtaining settlements in that section of the state — and more particularly to those who are extensively engaged in the purchase and sale of lots, this work is particularly recommended.

The fact of the existence of a record in this dataset, not does ascertain the fact that the grant was ever issued.

Explanation of Abbrevations:

  • sol., soldier.
  • a. i. w., soldier of Indian war.
  • s. 1. w., soldier of late war.
  • r. s., revolutionary soldier.
  • s. s., soldier by substitute.
  • m.s., militia soldier.
  • wid’r., widower.
  • w., widow.
  • w.r. s., widow of revolutionary soldier.
  • w.s. i. w., widow of soldier of Indian war.
  • w.s. 1. w., widow of soldier of late war.
  • w.of aol., widow of soldier
  • h. d. 1. w., husband died last war.
  • f. d. 1. w., father died last war.
  • d. sol. I. w., daughter of soldier of late war.
  • or., orphan.
  • ors., orphans.
  • mi., minor.
  • lun., lunatic.
  • id., idiot.
  • h. a., husband absent.
  • f. a., father absent.
  • h. of f., head of family.
  • d. and d., deaf and dumb.
  • (fr.), fractional lots.
  • Cher., Cherokee.
  • b. m., by mother.
  • f. in p., father in penitentiary.
  • c. r., cross roads.
  • sol. 1784—97, soldier between the years 1784 and 1797.

[box]Finding your ancestor in the following lists probably indicates that they were NOT Native American.[/box]

The 1832 Land Lottery

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