14th District 2nd Section, Cherokee

The list below contains the names and residence of all the fortunate drawers in the Land Lottery of the 14th District, 2nd Section, of Cherokee country. This list is part of a larger compilation called the  Cherokee land lottery.

Finding your ancestor in the following list probably indicates that they were NOT Native American.
All names marked * were granted previous to the first day of January, 1838.
List of Abbreviations for the Cherokee Land Lottery
A map of the 14th District 2nd Section of originally Cherokee, now Cherokee County
A map of the 14th District 2nd Section of originally Cherokee, now Cherokee County

1 Asia Garrett, Jones’s, Hall.
2 William W. Wash, Cleland’s, Chatham.*
3 Alfred Quinn, Candler’s, Bibb,
4 Ephraim Shelton, Brock’s, Habersham,*
5 John Carroll, r. s., 393d, Jasper,*
6 William Smith, Ellis’s, Rabun.
7 Charles Magrada, Dean’s, De Kalb.*
8 John Buchannon’s ors„ 295th, Jasper.
9 Asa J. Bishop, 101st, Hancock.
10 Hiram Turner, Hughes’s, Habersham.
11 Averitt Holton, 789th, Sumter.*
12 Henry Stone, r. s., Sweat’s, Ware.*
13 Ezekiel Brown, Jr., Walker’s, Harris:
14 Allen C. Ramsey, 119th, Richmond.
15 Elijah B. Moseley, Smith’s, Campbell,
16 James Rutland, Frasier’s, Monroe.*
17 Jared Dennard, sol:, Jordan’s, Harris,*
18 George N. Graves, Chesnut’s, Newton.*
19 Rachel Smith, w., 318th, Baldwin.
20 John G. Raines, sol., Justice’s, Bibb.-*
21 Jackson Kennedy, or., 119th, Richmond.*
22 John B. Wallace, Pollard’s, Wilkes *
23 James Farris, Alberson’s, Walton.*
24 Sarah Ann M’Call, or., Valleau’s, Chatham.
25 Elijah Moore, Tower’s, Gwinnett.
26 Memucan Horton, Neal’s, Campbell.
27 Warren Merryfield, Pearce’s, Houston.
28 William H. Hobbs, Collier’s, Monroe.
29 Robert Hide, 788th, Heard.
30 John Biddell, 140th, Greene.-*
31 Thomas Merriwether, r. s., m’Korkles, Jasper.
32 George Duncan, 417th, Walton.-*
33 David M. Keith, Curry’s, Merriwether.
34 William Pugh, Roberts’s, Hall
35 William P. Johnson, Maguire’s, Morgan.
36 John J. Dufour, Hobkerk’s, Camden.
3’7 Matthew Wicker, Peace’s, Wilkinson.*
38 Aaron Mattox, Southell’s, Tatnall.*
39 Sarah Kite, w., Compton’s, Fayette.
40 John Durham, Killen’s, Decatur.
41 William N. Davis, Whisenhunt’s, Carroll.
42 Mary Combs, w., Lunceford’s, Wilkes.
43 Abigail Purcell, deaf, White’s, Franklin.
44 John Boozer, Sen., 404th, Gwinnett.
45 William Thompson, r. s., Smith’s, Habersham.
46 Daniel D. Copp, Fitzpatrick’s, Chatham.
47 Joel Godard, Stewart’s, Jones.-*
48 John Williamson, Harralson’s, Troup
49 John L. Simms, 406th, Gwinnett.*
50 Asa Walker, Clark’s, Morgan
51 Jesse Wiggins, Roe’s, Burke.
52 George W. Jones, 373d, Jasper. *
53 William Reynolds, 113th, Hancock.*
54 Elijah Corley, Motet’s, Muscogee.
55 Leonidus W. Hill, Hill’s, Stewart.*
56 James Adair, Herndon’s, Hall.*
57 Robert M. Gilbert, 756th, Sumter.*
58 James R. Oberry, 24th, M’Intosh.-*
59 William L. Crayton, Peurifoy’s, Henry.
60 John West, Winter’s, Jones.
61 James R. Hanham, 2d, Chatham.
62 John S. Irbey, Berry’s, Butts.*
63 John Jones’s ors., Groce’s, Bibb.
64 Susannah Wyche, w., Braddy’s, Jones.
65 James C. Aaron, Jones’s, Madison.*
66 John Pope Evans, Chisolm’s, Morgan.
67 Archibald H. Coplin, Dearing’s, Henry.*
68 Joseph White, 588th, Upson.*
69 Jane Too], w. r. s., Baismore’s, Jones.
70 Hannah Longstreet, w., 398th, Richmond
71 David Glaze’s ors., M’Dowell’s, Lincoln*
72 Henry Smith, Killen’s, Decatur.
73 Thomas J. Perryman, Bostick’s, Twiggs.*
74 Reuben Wilkison, sol., Calhoun’s, Harris.*
75 Benjamin Keaton, Mason’s, Washington.*
76 William Buckelow, Barker’s, Gwinnett.
77 Aulston Bunch’s four orphans, 137th, Greene.
78 John Halliday’s ors., Moseley’s, Wilkes.
79 James Caswell, Gittens’s, Fayette,
80 Nancy Slaughter, w., Pace’s, Putnam.
81 John Powell’s ors., Bragaw’s, Oglethorpe.
82 William Hall’s ors., Hamilton’s, Gwinnett.
83 Thomas R. Mills, Valleau’s, Chatham.
84 John Denmark, Peavy’s, Bulloch.*
85 Diana Hester, w,, Bivins’s, Jones.*
86 Littleton Joy, sol., 34th, Scriven.
87 Elijah Miles, Gay’s, Harris.*
88 James Terrell, 190th, Elbert.
89 David Brumbelow. Jordan’s, Bibb.*
90 Ansel B. Prewett, Dean’s, De Kalb.
91 Ribeas Westmoreland, mi., Barnett’s, Habersham
92 Daniel M. Clark, Jordan’s, Harris.
93 Sarah Ushee, w., 25th, Scriven.

Land, Land Lottery,

Smith, James F. The Cherokee Land Lottery: containing a numerical list of the names of the fortunate Drawers in said Lottery, With an Engraved Map of Each District. New York.

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