Collection: 1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory

Plymouth County Massachusetts, Honor Roll

The following honor roll provides a listing of soldiers from Plymouth County Massachusetts that died while serving for the Union Army in the Civil War. Abington Henry W. Bebee, 7th, died of wounds received at battle of Fredericksburg, May 3, 1863. Charles L. Baldwin, 0, 38th, at Berwick City, May 3, 1863. George E. Beal, C, 38th, Feb. 16, 1863. Alson Bicknell, C, 38th, Marine Hospital, Now Orleans, La., chronic diarrhea, April 14, 1863. Solon Bates, E, 4th, May 29, 1863. Bradford W. Beal, 20th, May 28, 1864. Sergt. Benj. F. Caswell, K, 18th, battle of Bull Run, Va., August

1867 Bridgewater Massachusetts Directory

Adams William H. farmer, Auburn Akins Charles W. machinist, bd Bedford Alden Caleb, laborer, bds High Alden Cromwell, farmer, r High Alden Elijah, fanner, bds Vernon Alden Ezra H. expressman, r School Alden Horatio, farmer, r Conant Alden Isaac F. watchman, r Walnut Alden Isaac K. clerk, bds Bedford Alden James S. painter, v Bedford Alden John C. merchant, r South Alden Lewis V. farmer, r Titicut Alden Leander M. machinist, bds Plymouth Alden Oliver, fanner, r High Alden Samuel, physician, r South Alden Walter H. teacher, r Oak Alden William S. farmer, r Summer Alden William S. Jr., farmer,

1867 Plympton Massachusetts Directory

Atwood Benjamin S. box maker Beaton Henry P. shoemaker Billings James, shoemaker Billings Nathan D. shoemaker Bisbee Elijah, farmer Blanchard Horatio W. shoemaker Blanchard Wm. W. shoemaker Bonney George H. painter Bonney James S. box maker Bonney Wm. L. box maker Bradford Gideon, shoemaker Bradford Henry A. trader Bradford Joseph W. box maker Bradford Samuel N. shoemaker Brewster Pelham, farmer Briggs Herschell E. shoemaker Briggs Lewis H. shoemaker Briggs Nathan S. farmer Briggs Seneca, farmer Bryant Calvin M. mariner Bryant Lemuel, section master Bryant William S. famer Bryant Zenas, farmer Chandler Edward, shoemaker Chandler M. E. shoemaker Churchill Albert S.

1867 West Bridgewater Massachusetts Directory

Alger Albert L. farmer, Cochesett Alger Chas. S. boot maker, Cochesett Alger Cyrus, soap manuf. Cochesett Alger Davis, farmer, Cochesett Alger James, iron foundry Alger Joseph, farmer, Cochesett Alger Joseph A. stage driver Alger Joseph W. farmer Alger Leonard W. carpenter Alger Martin, farmer, Cochesett Alger Otis farmer, Cochesett Alger Sanford, farmer, Cochesett Alger Ward, farmer, Cochesett Alger Wm. farmer, Cochesett Alger Wm. O. shoe manuf. Cochesett Ames Charles, farmer Ames Charles P. farmer, Cochesett Ames David P. farmer, Cochesett Ames John F. moulder Ames Jonathan, farmer Ames Thomas, farmer Ames Willard, furnace man Ames Willard jr., farmer Ames Wm.

1867 Halifax Massachusetts Directory

Alden Reuel T. shoemaker Allen Jarad B. shoemaker Allen John, shoemaker Bird Henry W. shoemaker Bishop Charles E. carpenter Bishop Nathaniel, carpenter Blake Daniel P. shoemaker Bonney Elbridge P. painter Bosworth Daniel, teamster Bosworth Henry M. teamster Bosworth Libbeus, farmer Bosworth Martin, farmer Bosworth William H. shoemaker Bourne Abram, farmer Bourne Josiah, shoemaker Bourne William N. laborer Briggs Bern, shoemaker Briggs G. W. shoe cutter Britton Z. L. farmer Bryant Thomas H. B. farmer Carver Charles G. laborer Carver Samuel, farmer Churchill Edmond, shoemaker Churchill Samnel, shoemaker Clark Stephen, fanner Cobb Lewis A. farmer Cook John, painter Cornish Ellis, farmer

1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Dentists to Dyers

Dentists Bourne & King, Abington Donham G. E., E. Abington, Abington Washburn Christian, Bridgewater Washburn N. & C., Bridgewater Daly & Rolte, Hingham Leach C. W., Lakeville Minor Westley, Marion Henry Stephen, Marshfield Leach C. W., Middleboro Packard J. E., North Bridgewater Puffer L. W., Bridgewater Whitney Geo. K., Bridgewater Drew T. B., Plymouth Shumway Thomas D., Plymouth Designer & Draughtsman Wilbar Winslow C. Bridgewater Dressmakers (See also Milliners) Shaw Mary Miss E. Abington, Abington Studley Susan Mrs., Abington, Abington Bouldry Mary Miss, S. Abington, Abington Healey Susan H. Mrs., Abington, Abington West John Mrs., Abington, Abington Hayden Sarah, Bridgewater Howes

1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Ice Dealers to Lumber Dealers

Ice Dealers Noyes Lorenzo D., Abington Witherell Jabez, Bridgewater Jenkins Merritt, East Bridgewater Nelson James, Hingham Howes & Sturtevant, Mattapoisett Cleveland Walter F., North Bridgewater Stoddard John T., Plymouth Clapp H. T., Scituate Burrell J. D., West Bridgewater Insurance Agents Rowland F. P., Abington Pierce H. B., North Abington Kingman Benj. S., Bridgewater Kingman Philip D., Bridgewater Leach James C., Bridgewater Dwelley J., Hanson Harding David, Hingham Baker Geo. M., Marshfield Robinson Everett, Middleboro Hayward S. A., North Bridgewater Danforth W. S., Plymouth Hall J. T. Plymouth Beul John, Scituate Hayden Joseph P. Wareham Iron Founders (See also Iron Manufactures also Stoves) Lazell

1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Machinery and Tools to Nurserymen

Machinery and Tools (See also Machinists and Machinery Manufacturers) Lazell, Perkins & Co., Bridgewater Machinists and Machinery Manufacturers  Young Jacob K., Abington Ellis H., Abington Kimball E. A., Abington Giles J. H., Abington Andrews M., Bridgewater Alden Leander M., Bridgewater Copeland G. A., Bridgewater Hall Alfred, Bridgewater Hayward Edwin, Bridgewater Keith Philo, Bridgewater Lazell, Perkins & Co., Bridgewater Leonard Elmer, Bridgewater Leonard G. F., Bridgewater Munroe D. B., Bridgewater Pratt Edwin, Bridgewater Southern Cotton Gin Co., Bridgewater Townsend J. P., Bridgewater Union Machine Co, Bridgewater Bates Martin S., Hanover Merrill Isaac G., Hanover Bates Caleb, (bolt machines) Kingston Ripley C. M.,

1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Oil and Candle Manufacturers to Pump Makers

Oil and Candle Manufacturers  Judd L. S., Marion Organ Manufacturers Reynolds P., N. Bridgewater Marston A. B. Campello, Bridgewater Oysters and Refreshments (See Eating Houses) Nash J. E. Abington Douglas W. East Abington Gilman A. N., Bridgewater Fuller John, Bridgewater Hull J. C., Bridgewater Tripp B. F., Middleboro Union Saloon, Middleboro Grover R. B., No. Bridgewater Washburn and Richardson, No. Bridgewater Ballard S. D., Plymouth Dodge J. E., Plymouth Painters Carriage  Peirce Wm. M., Abington Ford B. F. East Abington Bates Asa, South Abington Hersey David A. Hingham Sprague Joseph T., Hingham Eldridge David, Kingston Boomer B. L., Middleboro Southworth Rodney E., Middleboro

1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Rivet Manufacturers to Surveyors

Rivet Manufacturers Cobb Benj. & Co., Kingston Old Colony Rivet Co., Hall Bros. & Co., Plymouth Cobb & Drew, Plymouth Plymouth Tack and Rivet Works, Samuel Loring, propr., Plymouth Plymouth Mills, J. Farris, Agent, Plymouth Rolling Mills (See also Iron Manufacturers) Lazell, Perkins & Co., Bridgewater Rogers & Sheldon, East Bridgewater Robinson Iron Co., Plymouth Wood N. & Co., Plymouth Sawing and Planing Mills  Gurney D.B., Abington Reed B. & T. & S. East Abington Reed A. S. & Co., North Abington Packard E. & Co. North Bridgewater Barnes E. & J. C., Plymouth Cole & Jenkins, Scituate Saw Mills (See also Shingle