Churches of Plymouth County Massachusetts


First Congregational, organized June 1, 1716. Lewis Bryant, Dea.
Trinity Church, organized 1748; Rev. Charles Clark Harris, Rector ; Franklin Leach, George L. Edson, Wardens.

Central Square Trinitarian Church, organized in Scotland Village, Oct. 17, 1821; removed to Central Square 1836; present house of worship erected 1862; Abiel Bassett, George W. Holmes, Deacons.

New Jerusalem Church, organized May, 1833; J. A. Hyde, Secretary, E. H, Sprague, Treasurer.

Scotland Trinitarian Congregational Church, organized July 4, 1836 ; Ezra Fobes, Deacon.

St. Thomas Aquinas Church, (Roman Catholic,) instituted in 1852; Rev. M. T. Maguire, Pastor.


First Congregational Church, Green; Thomas Cobb, William Atwood, Deacons.

Baptist, Centre, H. A. Lucas, Ephrain Dunham, Deacons.

Methodist, South; Supt. Sabbath School, Charles Ryder.

Union Society, South; Trustees, Jesse Murdock, Wm. Savery, S. F. Jenkins, Wm. B. Gibbs, George P. Bowers, Daniel 8haw,D. M. Bates, A. P. Kinney, Perez Smith ; Wm. Savery, Sec’y; Joseph Barrows, Treasurer.


First Church, organized in 1632; church membership about 20.

Methodist Episcopal; Church membership 66.

West Duxbury M. E.; Church membership, 82.

Wesleyan Methodist; Church membership, 100; Jabez Keep, Clerk.

East Bridgewater.

First Congregational; Francis Cary, Azor Harris, Deacons.

Union Church of East and West. Bridgewater; Rufus A. Littlefield, Stephen Harlow, Deacons.

New Jerusalem Church, Joppa; Mrs. L. W. Richards, Organist; L. W. Richards, Chorister; S. W. Keen, Sexton.

Second M.E.; E. M. Smith, Geo. T. Mitchell, Jotham H. Hicks, Waldo Hayward, Franklin Edson, William Keen, Sam’l F. White, Chas. H. Brown, Trustees.

St. Bridget (Roman Catholic); Rev. M. T. Maguire, Pastor.


First Cong; Eben. Fuller, Clerk; Eben. Fuller, Darius Holmes, Deacons.

First Baptist; organized 1-21; Z. L. Britton, Jabez Smith, Deacons.


St. Andrews Episcopal; L. C. Waterman, George Curtis, Wardens.

First Cong.; S. S. Church, F. Chamberlain, Deacons.

Second Cong.; H. B. Barstow, James Tolman, Deacons.

Universalist; S. O. Jacobs, Clerk; I. B. Sanborn, Treasurer; H. J. Curtis, Charles Jacobs, Amasa Whiting, Assessors.

Baptist; William Church, John Brooks, Deacons.


Cong’l; Thomas Smith, Seth Gannett, Deacons.

Baptist; Jonathan E. Gurney, Josiah Barker, Deacons.


First Parish ; organized 1635 ; Pastors, Joseph Eichardson and Calvin Lincoln ; Supt. 8. School, Henry Siders ; No. of scholars, 135.

Second Parish; South; Supt. S. School, Joseph Jacobs, Jr. ; No. of scholars, 128.

Third Cong’l; organized 1805; 75 S. School Scholars.

Evangelical Church; Deacon and Supt. of S. S., Caleb S. Hunt.

Methodist Episcopal; West Hingham; organized 1818 ; has a Sabbath School of 81 scholars; John Gardner, Supt.

First Universalist Society; Supt., Edmund Hersey, 2d; 67 scholars and 14 teachers.

First Baptist; organized in 1828, with 20 members; present number, 161; Mr. Joshua Thayer, only surviving Deacon; Caleb Marsh, Church Clerk.


First Cong. Unitarian; James Foster, Deacon.

Second Cong. Trinitarian; Nath’l Cushman, S. M. Andrews, Guilford S. Newcomb, Deacons.

Baptist; Henry Cobb, Ira Chandler, Deacons.


Congregational; organized Oct. 13, 1703, with 87 members; James Wittett, Moses H. Swift, Deacons.

Protestant Methodist; organized in 1831.

Universalist; organized in 1833.

M. E. Church; organized July, 1865, with 29 members; Daniel Hall, William H. Briggs, Charles C. Dean, Ezra J. Parlow, Joshua W. Dean, Thomas Bourne, Sumner Ryder, Amos Hadley, Stewards.


First Congregational; Elijah Ames, Lewis Simmons Deacons ; David P. Hatch, Supt. S. School,

North Baptist; Lincoln Damon, Deacon.

South Baptist; Ambrose Magoun, Amos Sherman, Deacons.

Unitarian Church; Hiram Oakman, Benj Hatch, Deacons.

Methodist; Luther Magoun, Benj. Baker, Wm. Baker, Zenas Thomas, John Sprague, Charles Williamson; Harvey Stetson, Wm. Harrington, Stewards.


Congregational; organized July 27, 1736, as the “First Parish in Rochester;” Amittai B. Hammond, Nath’l A. Crosby, Noah Hammond, Solomon K. Eaton, Deacons; S. K. Eaton, chorister; Henry Taylor, Supt. S. School.

First Christian Church; organized about 18,20; was formerly a branch of church at Long Plain; Joseph Purrington, Wm. L. Bourne, Gideon Barlow, Deacons; Philip A. Barrows, chorister; Wm. R. Randall, Supt. S. School.

Universalist Church; organized April 2-5, 1859; Ivory Snow, Alden Dexter. Deacons; James H. Purrington, Supt. Sabbath School.

Friends’ Meeting; belonging to Long Plain Preparative Meeting, and to New Bedford Monthly Meeting.

North Bridgewater

First Congregational; John W. Hunt, Jeremiah Beals, Joel T. Packard; Deacons; Francis French, Clerk; Oliver F. Leach, Treasurer.

First New Jerusalem; William Faxon, Henry French, Daniel Crocker, Committee; Elisha Washburn, Secretary.

First M. E. Church; Bradford Packard, Supt. S. School; John Hall, Clerk; Samuel Clark, Treasurer.

South Cong. Church, Campello; George Sawyer, S. F. Packard, Galen Pratt, Cary Howard, Deacons.
Porter Evangelical; Simeon Packard, Elbridge H. Packard, Geo. H. Cushman, S. W. S. Howard; Deacons.

Second M. E. Church; Sanford Alden, Philip Reynolds, Darius C. Place, George E. Whitney, Thomas Hathaway, John Montgomery, Uriah Macoy, Edward J. Benner, John Ellis, Trustees.

St. Patrick’s (Roman Catholic) Church; Rev. T. B. McNulty, Pastor; Arthur Dimond, Organist; Wm. O’Neil, Chorister; John Owens, Supt. S. School.

First Universalist Society; L. D. Hervey, David Hall, T. L. Gifford, Deacons; Nelson Mace, Supt.


Friend’s Meeting; organized previous to 1658; Nathan T. Shepherd, Clerk of the Monthly Meeting.

Methodist Episcopal; organized 1829; Chas. N. Hinkley, Supt. S. School; Official Members, Abel Stetson, Hiram Munroe, John D. Mason, Josephus Bryant, John B. Chandler, Greenleaf Kilbrith; Clerk, Josephus Bryant.

Unitarian; organized in 1712; Peter Salmond, Seth Whitman, Deacons.


Unitarian; Lemuel D. Holmes, Samuel T. Talbot, Deacons; Wm. H. Whitman, Supt. S. School.

Third Congregational; organized 1801; Timothy Gordon, Jesse Harlow, G. G. Dyer, Deacons.

Baptist; organized 1809; Peleg Faunce, A. J. Whiting, Deacons.


Congregational; Rufus Wright, Perez Packard, Deacons. Rochester.

First Congregational, Centre; organized Oct. 13, 1703 ; John H. Clark, George W. Haskell, Deacons.

Congregational, No. Rochester; organized in 1755; Abner Braley, John B. Dornin, Deacons.

Christian Baptist, Pine Grove; organized Dec. 11, 1S50; Jonathan Hathaway, Deaton.

Union Protestant Methodist; organized April, 1806.


Methodist Episcopal; Franklin Damon, Frederick Howard, James Taylor, Michael Welch, E. P. Welch, G. H. Bates, Judah Chandler, Henry Chubbuck, Wm. Manson, Stewards.

South Scituate

Unitarian; Ebenezer Stetson, George Tilden, Deacons;

Universalist; incorporated 1812; Stephen O. Jacobs, Clerk.

Wareham. First Congregational; Hiram Barrows, E. N. Thompson, Deacons.

St. Patrick’s Church ; Rev. Peter Bartoldi, Parish Priest; James Griffin, Deacon,

West Bridgewater

First Cong’l Unitarian; organized 1662; for 167 years it had but three pastors; F. E. Howard, Deacon; Simeon J. Dunbar, Supt. S. School.

Baptist; organized 1789; Alba Howard, P. E. Hill, Deacons.

Methodist; organized 1841.

Plymouth County MA,

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