1867 Plympton Massachusetts Directory

Atwood Benjamin S. box maker

Beaton Henry P. shoemaker
Billings James, shoemaker
Billings Nathan D. shoemaker
Bisbee Elijah, farmer
Blanchard Horatio W. shoemaker
Blanchard Wm. W. shoemaker
Bonney George H. painter
Bonney James S. box maker
Bonney Wm. L. box maker
Bradford Gideon, shoemaker
Bradford Henry A. trader
Bradford Joseph W. box maker
Bradford Samuel N. shoemaker
Brewster Pelham, farmer
Briggs Herschell E. shoemaker
Briggs Lewis H. shoemaker
Briggs Nathan S. farmer
Briggs Seneca, farmer
Bryant Calvin M. mariner
Bryant Lemuel, section master
Bryant William S. famer
Bryant Zenas, farmer

Chandler Edward, shoemaker
Chandler M. E. shoemaker
Churchill Albert S. shoemaker
Churchill Alexander, farmer
Churchill Alexander L. engineer
Churchill Ansel, jr., laborer
Churchill Bart C. farmer
Churchill Daniel, hoop maker
Churchill Edmund P. shoemaker
Churchill Harvey, farmer
Churchill Isaiah, engraver
Churchill Isaiah P. shoemaker
Churchill Josiah, tack maker
Churchill Josiah S. shoemaker
Churchill Leander S. laborer
Churchill Lemuel P. shoemaker
Churchill Oliver, farmer
Churchill Simeon, “stonecutter
Churchill Spencer, blacksmith
Churchill Timothy, farmer
Clark Hiram H. farmer
Clark Thomas H. farmer
Cobb Lemuel, farmer
Cobb Lemuel, jr., farmer
Conaway John, laborer
Cushman Zenas, harness maker

Darling Charles, shoemaker
Drew Stephen, shoemaker

Ellis Edson, carpenter
Ellis Gustavus B. mariner
Ellis Henry K. box manuf.
Ellis James C. box manuf.
Ellis Joel, teamer

Ellis John P. shoemaker
Ellis Willard, farmer
Eaglestedt Charles W. mariner

Farrar Franklin P. tack manuf.
Fuller Amos, carpenter
Fuller Bildad, farmer
Fuller Charles A. sawyer
Fuller Earl, farmer
Fuller Ephraim, shoemaker
Fuller George B. peddler
Fuller Joseph H. carpenter
Fuller Lafayette, shoemaker
Fuller Lewis W. laborer
Fuller Phileman, laborer
Fuller Solomon, farmer
Fuller William, shoemaker
Fuller Zebedee C. stone cutter

Glass George W. shoemaker
Glass Otis W. shoemaker
Glass Zenas T. peddler
Griffith Ephraim, moulder
Gurney Theron J. shoemaker

Haley Edward M. laborer
Haley William, shoemaker
Hammond Josiah P. laborer
Hammond Josiah S. physician
Harlow Jabez
Harrub George W. farmer
Harrub James M. trader
Hartford Joseph W. shoemaker
Harvey Alexander, machinist
Hayward Martin, farmer
Holmes George W. carpenter
Holmes Ira S; shoemaker
Holmes Martin E. shoemaker
Holmes Sampson, farmer

Lashures Robert W. operator in Factory
Leach Ebenezer, farmer
Leach Thomas M. operator
Lobdell George B. jr., shoemaker
Lobdell Isaac P. shoemaker
Lobdell Orlando P. farmer
Loring Ezekiel
Loring Isaac, machinist
Loring Thomas E. peddler
Lovell James B. farmer
Lucas Martin B. shoemaker
Lucas Nathaniel, blacksmith
Lucas William H. shoemaker

Morse Charles S. lumberman

Nye Joseph B. shoemaker

Packard Perez, shoemaker
Parker Gustavus, manufacturer
Parker Ira, shovel maker
Parker Oliver, shovel manuf.
Parker Zaccheus, trader
Patten Moses, clergyman
Perkins Charles H. farmer
Perkins Edmund, peddler
Perkins Jonathan B. farmer
Perkins Josiah, blacksmith
Perkins Martin, carpenter
Perkins Nathan, carpenter
Perkins William, farmer
Perkins Wilson, laborer
Phinney Beri F. laborer
Phinney Clark W. laborer
Phinney Otis, laborer
Phinney Otis W. mariner
Pope Asa F. farmer
Pratt Alphonzo, laborer
Pratt Joshua H. farmer

Randall George W. trader
Randall Thomas S. farmer
Randall William L. trader
Hansom Freeman B. shoemaker
Ransom John, shoemaker
Reed Joseph B. shoemaker
Rickard Giles, laborer
Rickard Isaac, farmer
Rickard James C. laborer
Rickard Jonathan, farmer
Rickard Martin, tack maker
Rickard Simeon, watchmaker
Rickard Warren, tack maker
Ripley Charles E. shoemaker
Ripley Charles H. shoemaker
Ripley Ephraim C. farmer
Ripley Ezekiel, shoemaker
Ripley Joseph S. shoe cutter
Ripley Josiah W. shoemaker
Ripley Thomas S. farmer
Rogers Tully, peddler

Sampson James L. laborer
Sampson Zebechial, physician
Sears Allen, laborer
Sears Henry A. laborer
Sherman Algernon S. farmer
Sherman Asa, farmer
Sherman Charles, blacksmith
Sherman Edward S. farmer
Sherman George W. carpenter
Sherman John, farmer
Sherman Joseph, carpenter
Sherman Nathaniel, farmer
Simmons ‘Noah, shoemaker
Smith Martin, shoemaker
Soule Adoniram, farmer
Soule Francis, farmer
Soule William H. gentleman
Standish Thomas C. farmer
Sturtevant Isaac B. farmer
Sturtevant Lemuel, laborer
Sturtevant Samuel N. laborer

Tabby John C. baker
Taylor Charles K. farmer
Taylor William, dyer
Thomas George W . shoemaker
Thomas Henry L. shoemaker
Thompson Amasa, farmer
Thompson Joshua C. fanner
Thompson Reuben, farmer

Washburn Oscar E. shoemaker
Washburn Zenas M. shoemaker
Waterman James, laborer
Weston Daniel, laborer
Weston Lewis, farmer
Weston Lewis P. shoemaker
White Darius, farmer
White Ezra, shoemaker
White William S. shoemaker
Wilber Reuben A. overseer
Wilber Seth, farmer
Wright Alonzo, shoemaker
Wright Barzillai E. farmer
Wright Daniel D. farmer
Wright Eben, farmer
Wright Eben, jr., shoemaker
Wright Edward S. shoemaker
Wright Frederick, laborer
Wright George E. farmer
Wright Henry H. tack maker
Wright John B. shoemaker
Wright Newland H. laborer
Wright Boland A. shoemaker
Wright Rufus, farmer
Wright Rufus F. box maker
Wright Samuel C. laborer
Wright Winslow farmer
Wright Winslow B. shoemaker
Wright William H. H. shoemaker


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