1867 Marion Massachusetts Directory

Allen Andrew M. carpenter
Allen Bartholomew G. mariner
Allen Charles A. laborer
Allen Charles C. teamster
Allen George D. mariner
Allen Henry D. farmer
Allen Henry M. agent for whaling vessels
Allen John D. carpenter
Allen John M. architect
Allen Silas B. carpenter
Allen Reuben, farmer
Allen Stephen, farmer
Allen Weston, farmer
Atwood Alexander A. mariner
Atwood George W. mariner
Atwood Warren, farmer

Bachelder John, physician and surgeon
Barden Frederick, master mariner
Barden Jordan B. prop’r. Manou and New Bedford stage
Bartlett William H. farmer
Bates George S. farmer and trader
Bates Jared, farmer
Bates John S. merchant
Bates Prince H. carpenter
Benson Consider, farmer
Blankinship Albert C. mariner
Blankinship Andrew Mi laborer
Blankinship Charles W. mariner
Blankinship David W. manner
Blankinship James W. mariner
Blankinship Job, farmer
Blankinship John B. farmer
Blankinship Joseph, master mariner
Blankinship Peleg, master mariner
Blankinship Seth, mariner
Blankinship Walter F. carpenter
Blankinship Warren, carpenter
Bolles Charles D. mariner
Bolles Charles M. farmer
Bolles Leonard, master mariner
Bolles Leonard A. mariner
Bolles Richard E. shoemaker
Braley Elijah, carpenter

Briggs Barnabas A. mariner
Briggs Benjamin S. master mariner
Briggs Charles H. carpenter
Briggs Elnathan, farmer
Briggs Hallet, carpenter.
Briggs Howard S. carpenter
Briggs Isaac O. farmer
Briggs Jedediah, mariner
Briggs John B. pilot
Briggs John, 3d master mariner
Briggs Joseph W. teamster
Briggs Josiah K. farmer
Briggs Justus A. mariner
Briggs Nathan, master mariner
Briggs Oliver E. master mariner
Briggs Paul W. carpenter
Briggs Peleg T. laborer
Briggs Philip, laborer
Briggs Reuben A. mariner
Briggs Roswell K. mariner
Briggs Roland, farmer
Briggs Rufus F. blacksmith
Briggs Seth H. laborer
Briggs Silas, blacksmith
Briggs Timothy, mariner
Briggs William H. carpenter
Briggs Zenas M. mariner
Brown George H. mariner
Bruce J. B. clergyman
Burgess John, laborer

Cannon Henry, mariner
Chase Benjamin F. farmer
Chamberlain James, blacksmith
Clark Charles A. carpenter
Clark Joseph W. mariner
Clark William, ship-carpenter
Clifton Jirah, teamster
Clifton Obed D. farmer
Clifton Timothy, farmer
Cobb Edward W. teamster
Cobb Leander, clergyman
Cobb Oliver, carpenter
Coffin Shubael C farmer
Coffin William J. farmer
Coleman Hezekiah, mechanic
Cowing Leander, mason and bricklayer
Crowell Francis, master mariner

Dean Abiel, miller
Dean Charles C. oysterman
Delano Benjamin, farmer
Delano Charles H. mariner
Delano Clark, master mariner
Delano Ebenezer, shoemaker
Delano Harper, master mariner
Delano Henry D. master mariner
Delano James, master mariner
Delano James H. mariner
Delano John, carpenter
Delano Obed, master mariner
Delano Ward P. merchant. Landing
Dexter Sumner, painter
Dexter Zoath, caulker
Dorr Richard H. clergyman, dentist
Dorr Charles H. butcher
Dryer Henry C. baker

Elder Samuel H. merchant
Ellis Charles D. farmer
Ellis Stephen, former
Ellis Stephen A. carpenter

Faunce David, laborer
Faunce David jr. laborer

Gray Henry, mariner
Gray Rufus, master mariner
Gray Russell, master mariner
Gray Russell jr. mariner
Gifford Henry W. fisherman
Griffith Josiah S. oysterman
Griffith Obed, farmer
Gurney Ansel H. trader
Gurney Barnabas H. farmer
Gurney Charles B.

Hadley Amos, farmer
Hadley Andrew J. merchant, Sippican
Hadley Byron, farmer
Hadley Stephen D. master mariner
Hadley Stephen W. mariner
Hall Charles D. farmer
Hall Daniel, sheriff and constable
Hall Sylvanus W. post master and merchant, Sippican
Hamblin Harvey M. teamer
Hammond Charles A. mariner
Hammond Clement, mariner
Hammond Ed. E. master mariner
Hammond George, carpenter
Hammond John, shoemaker
Hammond M. V. B. mariner
Hammond Stephen, carpenter
Handy Augustus, carpenter
Handy Benjamin B. master mariner
Handy Charles, farmer
Handy Ebenezer, laborer
Handy Frederick P. carpenter
Handy Leonard, laborer
Handy Noah D. carpenter
Handy Osmer
Handy Pardon, carpenter
Handy William, master mariner
Handy William H. carpenter
Hardy William W. trader
Haskell Andrew J. laborer
Hathaway Alexander, mill sawyer
Hathaway Franklin L. master mariner
Hathaway Isaac N. master mariner
Hathaway John K. master mariner
Hathaway William C. master mariner
Hiller Barnabas, ship carpenter
Hiller Matthew, mariner
Holmes Barnabas, teacher
Holmes Ebenezer, farmer
Holmes Ebenezer, jr., farmer
Holmes Peter A. butcher
Howard Lucius, hotel keeper

Jackson Andrew, mariner
Jenney James E. mariner
Jenney Job, mill sawyer
Jenney Job T. mariner

Keen Clifton, mariner
Keen George H. master mariner
Kelley George H. painter and glazier
Kelley Henry H. tin man and caulker
Kelley John, master mariner
Kelley Lucius C. caulker
Kent Joseph C. architect

Leonard Seth C. proprietor of Marion and New Bedford express
Look Frederick B. mariner
Look Hiram H. mariner
Lovell Austin, expressman
Luce George A. pilot
Luce George L. master mariner
Luce James, carpenter
Luce John, master mariner
Luce Joseph S. proprietor of Bay View House
Luce Rowland L. mariner
Luce Samuel W. master mariner
Luce Shubael K. mariner
Luce Stephen C. master mariner
Luce Weston, trader

Mahoney John, laborer
Maxim Jesse, oysterman
Mendall Elbridge G. painter
Mendall Ezra J. farmer
Mendall Frederick A. stone cutter
Mendall Jonathan, merchant
Mendall Joseph C. laborer
Mendall Nathan H. carpenter
Mendall James B. mariner
Mendall Seth G. carpenter
Mendall William C. master mariner
Miner Henry, axe maker
Miner John W. dentist

Nye George B. farmer
Nye John B. B. farmer. Proprietor Marion Strawberry Gardens

Parker Alfred L. mariner
Parker Robert, carpenter
Parlow Charles H. mill sawyer
Parlow Ezra, miller
Parlow Nathan, miller
Parlow George W. stone cutter
Parlow George Wilson, painter and glazier
Phinney Stephen C. peddler
Pitcher James S. H. master mariner
Pitcher John, master mariner
Portagues Job, mariner
Potter William H. laborer

Ruggles Charles H. Proprietor Aroostook express
Ryder John C. carpenter
Ryder Jonathan, farmer
Ryder William H. H. mariner

Savery Rufus L. mariner
Sherman Edward, carpenter
Sherman Edward F. carpenter
Sherman Eli, shoemaker
Sherman Humphrey, shoemaker
Sherman Humphrey L. master mariner
Simmons John H. clerk
Smith Augustus, clerk
Snow Ebenezer, farmer
Stone Dwight, farmer
Sullivan Patrick, laborer
Sweeney Richard, laborer
Swift Anderson, carpenter
Swift Moses H. merchant
Swift Richard N. farmer
Swift Samuel, nailer

Taber Albert W. mariner
Taber Bartholomew W. tailor
Taber Jabez, mariner
Tallman Alfred carpenter
Tripp Pardon, master mariner
Turner Charles W. merchant

Vail William, stone mason
Vose Henry C. clergyman and homeopathic physician

Waters Samuel, peddler
Washburn Horatio, farmer
Washburn Peleg, farmer
Weeks George S. laborer
Weeks Henry, mariner
Weeks James D. nailer
Weeks Paul M. mariner
Willett James, sail maker
Willett James T. sail maker
Wing Charlton H. carpenter
Wing Charlton H. Jr., carpenter
Wing George W. mariner
Wing Jabez, painter
Wing James R. laborer

Young James A. clerk


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