1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Oil and Candle Manufacturers to Pump Makers

Oil and Candle Manufacturers 

Judd L. S., Marion

Organ Manufacturers

Reynolds P., N. Bridgewater
Marston A. B. Campello, Bridgewater

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Oysters and Refreshments (See Eating Houses)

Nash J. E. Abington
Douglas W. East Abington
Gilman A. N., Bridgewater
Fuller John, Bridgewater
Hull J. C., Bridgewater
Tripp B. F., Middleboro
Union Saloon, Middleboro
Grover R. B., No. Bridgewater
Washburn and Richardson, No. Bridgewater
Ballard S. D., Plymouth
Dodge J. E., Plymouth

Painters Carriage 

Peirce Wm. M., Abington
Ford B. F. East Abington
Bates Asa, South Abington
Hersey David A. Hingham
Sprague Joseph T., Hingham
Eldridge David, Kingston
Boomer B. L., Middleboro
Southworth Rodney E., Middleboro
Sparrow J. G., North Bridge water
Jones John B., North Bridge water
Sargent Samuel, Bridge water
Thomas William E., Bridge water
Jones Charles L., Plymouth
Young Charles, Scituate
Young Edw., Scituate

Painters (House and Sign)

Davis W. H.. Abington
French Joseph, Abington
Ford B. F., East Abington
Gilson L. C., East Abington
Lawrence Thomas R., East Abington
Lincoln S. B., North Abington
Harding J. S., South Abington
Beed Philip, South Abington
Alden James S., Bridgewater
Braman H. F. & J. G., Bridgewater
Chandler Alden, Duxbury
Hathaway Joshua W., Duxbury
Sampson Alfred, Duxbury
Grow & Wentworth, East Bridgewater
Bonney E. P., Halifax
Cook John, Halifax
Bailey Melzer, Hanover
Bryant Snow, Hanover
Corbin Frank, Hanover
Eells John P., Hanover
Sturtevant George, Hanover
Roberts John C., Hanson
Cobb David, Hingham
Cross and Lane, Hingham
Hersey John P., Hingham
Sprague J. and S., Hingham
Bonney Geo H., Kingston
Churchill L., Lakeville
Barrows Elijah W., Lakeville
Pickens H. C., Lakeville
Parlow A. W., Marion
Rogers Wm., W. Marshfield
Dexter James W., Mattapoisett
Jones Eben, Mattapoisett
Boomer B. L., Middleboro
Sparrow H. A . Middleboro
Sparrow J. G., Middleboro
Wood Frederick E., Middleboro
Farnham Geo., North Bridgewater
Sharp John M., Bridgewater
Bonney D. J., Pembroke
Gardner Benj. T., Pembroke
Jones E. Morton, Pembroke
Packard Alpheus, Pembroke
Holmes Ephraim, Plymouth
Jones Charles L., Plymouth
Savery W. T., Plymouth
Tribble Wm B., Plymouth
Bonney Geo. H., No. Plymouth
Rogers Mason, Rochester
Bouve Sylvanus R., Scituate
Hayward John, Scituate
Hayward Ward L., Scituate
Young Charles, Scituate
Young Edwin, Scituate
Murdock Charles C., Wareham
Perkins J. F., Wareham
Capen Edward, West Bridgewater
Copeland Albert, Bridgewater
Edson Alanson, Bridgewater
Howard Milo, Bridgewater

Painter, Theatrical Scenery 

Wilbour Winslow C., Bridgewater

Paints, Oils and Glass 

Hathaway J. W. Duxbury
Woodbridge E. H., North Bridgewater
Drew Wm. R., Plymouth
Murdock Charles C., Wareham

Paper Manufacturers

Cornell Mark H. Bridgewater
Hollingsworth Lyman, Bridgewater
Wheelwright G. W., West Wareham

Patent Medicines 

Estes J. J., Abington
Wadsworth H. salve plaster, Duxbury
Shaw J. B. & J., Middleboro
Bixby C. C., No. Bridgewater
Thayer H. S., Bridgewater
Hall John T. Plymouth
Doten U. C., Plymouth

Periodicals and News Depots

Dyer S., South Abington
Holmes Lewis, Bridgewater
Kennedy R. B., Duxbury
Ramsdell J. L., Hanover
Dean Geo H., Hingham
Shaw J. B. and J., Middleboro
Copeland C. F., North Bridgewater
Smith John, Plymouth

Photographs &c. 

Burrell D. T., Bridgewater
Perry Jerome, Hanover
Stetson Benj. L., Hanover
Hudson Wm. jr., Hingham
Cornwall Henry F., Middleboro
Howard Bros, North Bridgewater
Richardson C. F., Bridgewater
Barnard J. S. W., Duxbury, Pembroke
Locke A. H., Plymouth


Dudley H. W. Abington
Harris J. T., hom., Abington
Hastings B. F. East Abington
Winslow J. A. W. Mrs., East Abington
Underwood J. M. East Abington
Tanner N. B., North Abington
Copeland H. F., South Abington
Robinson Chas. F., South Abington
Alden Samuel, hom. Bridgewater
Millett Asa, Bridgewater
Sawyer Edward, Bridgewater
Wood G. F., North Carver
Bancroft Kirk, Duxbury
Wilde James, Duxbury
Chaplin Daniel, East Bridgewater
Morton Cyrus, Halifax
Pool Isaac, Halifax
Downes Nath’l, Hanover
Howes W. E., Hanover
Barker Bowen, South Hanson
Whitmarsh Abby, spiritist, South Hanson
Harlow J. E., Hingham
Stephenson Ezra, Hingham
Spaulding H. S., hom, Hingham
Chandler Ira (clairv.) Kingston
Jones Henry N. (eclec), Kingston
Nichols Paul L., Kingston
Ransom Harvey N. (eclec.), Kingston
Batchelder John, Marion
Vose Henry C. (homo.), Marion
Hagar Jos, East Marshfield
Sparrow Wm E., Mattapoisett
Sweat Wm W., Mattapoisett
Comstock Wm W., Middleboro
Drake E. W., Middleboro
Jackson C. S., Middleboro
Sherman J. H. (hom.) Middleboro
Robinson Morrill, North Middleboro
Snow Geo W., South Middleboro
Borden A. K. North Bridgewater
Dean E. E. (hom.), Bridgewater
Kingman A. W., Bridgewater
Wade E. E. (bot.), Bridgewater
Richards Charles, Campello, Bridgewater
Collamore Francis, N. Pembroke, Pembroke
Gordon Timothy, Plymouth
Hubbard Benj., Plymouth
Jackson Alex., Plymouth
Warren Winslow, Plymouth
Wood C. J. Chiltonville, Plymouth
Hammond Josiah S., Plympton
Haskell Jos., Rochester
Sturtevant C., Rochester
Thomas Francis, Scituate
Brownell N. P., South Scituate
Doggett Perez F., Warham
Fearing Benjamin, Jr., Warham
Sawyer F. A., Warham
Knowles H. M. (hom.), Warham
Swan J. C. (hom.), West Bridgewater

Plaster Mills 

Barnes E. & J. C., Plymouth

Printers, Book and Job 

Pratt Thos. S. & Co., E. Abington, Abington
Burrell Jarvis, E. Bridgewater
Blossom & Easterbrook, Hingham
Pratt Bros, Middleboro
Jones Augustus T., North Bridgewater
Andrews G. F., Plymouth
Avery & Cave, Plymouth

Provision Dealers (See also Grocers)

Blanchard Vinson, Abington
Cushing Davis. East Abington
Moulton H. S., East Abington
Hathaway Wm. B., Bridgewater
Higgins J. L., Hingham
O’Rourke Bernard, Hingham
Thayer Elihu, Hingham
Hersey Isaac, Hingham
Barden & Leonard, Middleboro
Field C. C., North Bridgewater
Severance L. F. & A. C. Bridgewater
Tilden John, Bridgewater
Alden Lucas W. Campello, Bridgewater
Chandler P. C. & CO., Plymouth
Holmes A. & Co., Plymouth
Holmes C. B. & Son, Plymouth
Corthell John, South Scituate

Pump and Block Makers 

Soule L. N., Duxbury
Davis William, Hingham
Leavitt John & Son, Hingham
Turner David, Plymouth


Plymouth County MA,

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