Plymouth County Massachusetts, Honor Roll

The following honor roll provides a listing of soldiers from Plymouth County Massachusetts that died while serving for the Union Army in the Civil War.


Henry W. Bebee, 7th, died of wounds received at battle of Fredericksburg, May 3, 1863.
Charles L. Baldwin, 0, 38th, at Berwick City, May 3, 1863.
George E. Beal, C, 38th, Feb. 16, 1863.
Alson Bicknell, C, 38th, Marine Hospital, Now Orleans, La., chronic diarrhea, April 14, 1863.
Solon Bates, E, 4th, May 29, 1863. Bradford W. Beal, 20th, May 28, 1864.
Sergt. Benj. F. Caswell, K, 18th, battle of Bull Run, Va., August 30, 1862.
Michael Coughlan, 18th, Aug. 12, 1864.
Frederick Cook, K, 7th, Oct. 12, 1862.
Timothy W. Crocker, 8. C, at Boston, Dec 18, 1864.
1st Lieut. Lysander F. Gushing, 12th, killed in action, September 17, 1862.
Benj. Curtis, G, 12th, killed in action, Sept. 17, 1862.
Wm. M. Campbell, 16th, killed at Fredericksburg, Dec. 1862.
Brine Downing, C, 38th, at Baton Rouge, of fever, June 21, 1863.
Daniel Dwyer, H, 18th, at Savannah, Ga., Sept. 18, 1864.
Edward L. Dyer, C, 38th, at Abington, Feb. 12th, 1864.
Daniel Daley, E, 4th, at Brashear City, Aug. 15, 1863.
Jason Duncan, E, 4th, May 25, 1863.
Walter R. Davis, G, 12th, at battle of Fredericksburg, December 25, 1862.
Calvin C. Ellis, C, 38th, at Baton Rouge, June 23, 1863.
James A. Fenno, A, 60th, at Indianapolis, Oct. 23, 1864.
S. Boardman Foster, G, 12th, Sept. 17, 1862.
Thomas Fuller, 18th. George W. Folsom, 14th.
John A. Foster, 1st H. A., May 19, 1864.
Benj. W. Fernald, 58th, July 8, 1864.
Cornelius Foley, G, 59th, in Danville’ Prison, Jan 21, 1865.
James L. Glasier, 12th, Culpepper, Va., Dee. 25, 1863 16
Winfield S. Gurney, Excelsior Brigade, 1862.
Henry S. Green, 4th Cavalry.
John B. Hutchinson, E, 4th May 16, 1863.
George W. Harding, 80th.
Stephen Hayes, 7th, 1862.
Benj. F. Hutchinson, 7th, at Croney Island Hospital, Oct. 30, 1862.
Wm. F. Howland, K, 7th, at Abington, 1862,
Wm. F. Jacobs, G, 12th, killed in action, Sept. 17, 1862.
Charles J. Keene, 32d, May 10th, 1864.
Kyler Kennedy, G. 12th, killed Aug. 30, 1862.
Lowell W. Orcutt, 1st H. A., at Abington, Oct. 14, 1864.
Walter S. Oldham, 16ih Bat., July 29, 1864.
Michael Luddy, E, 4th, Aug. 14, 1863.
Martin Loftus, 11th, June 29, 1864.
Emsley B. Means, 54th.
Henry O. Millett, C, 38th, at Baton Bouge, July 8, 1863.
Horace O. Matthews, E, 30th, on board Str. Iberville, Mississippi River, July 13, 1862.
James O’Connell, I, 2d H. A., at Newbern, N. C, May 6, 1865.
Henry Pratt, 23d, Aug. 14, 1864.
Richard Porter, G, 12th. Sept. 17, 1862.
Charles A. Parker, G, 12th, Sept. 17, 1862.
Elbridge G. Pool, G, 12th, Oct. 14, 1862.
John L. Quigley, E, 4th Cav., at Hilton Head, May 3, 1864.
Harvey A. Raymond, E, 23d, Dec. 16, 1862.
Capt. Ansel B. Randall, 56th, killed in action before Petersburg April 2, 1865.
Nath’l L. Reed, 5gth, June 18, 1864.
Wm. H. Bobbins, E, 4th, June 7, 1863v
Simeon Ryerson, 12th, March 8, 1863.
Martin Shehan, 9th, May 23, 1864.
John M. Sewell, E, 23d, April 9, 1862.
Lieut. James G. Smith, 12th, at Spottsylvania, Va., of wounds, June 17, 1864.
Edward Saunders, 11th, August 7, 1863.
Nathan M. Stewart, C, 38th.
John Sullivan, E, 4th, June 26, 1863.
Charles Shaw 2d, E, 4th.
Charles E. Stetson, 4th Cavalry, Oct. 18, 1864.
Dexter Smith, G, 12th, at Andersonville, 1864.
George Soule, K, 7th, Sept. 29, 1862.
James H. Tucker, I, 1st Cav., at Hilton Head, April 30, 1862.
John G. Taylor, G, 12th, Dec. 30, 1862.
Randall Ward, 5th Cav.
John Mead, 19th Regt., 1862.
Gadlin Jordan, 5th Cav., December 1864.
Oscar E. Gould, 23d Regt.
James Lawless, Co. D, 56th Regt.
Franklin Williamson, Go. G, 12th Regt., Sept. 17tli, 1862.
Hiram L. Whiting, 56th. Regt.
Robert N. Hanson, Co. G, 12th Regt., May 6th, 1864.
Albert B. Smith, 1st Cav., So. Carolina.
Marcus N. Leavitt, Co. K, 7th Regt., Mary’s Heights, May 3d, 1863.
John H. McNakin, K, 7th Regt., of wounds, May 3d, 1863.
Charles W. Reed, K, 7th Regt., Mary’s Heights, May 3d, 1863.
Joseph Ripley, Co. C, 38th Regt., Oct. 9, 1864.
William T. Ewell, Co. d, 38th Regt.
William W. Knowles, Co. C, 38th Regt.
Joseph Merrow, Co. C, 38th Regt.
Erastus O. Prior, Co. C, 38th Regt.
Ebenezer G. Tuttle, Co. C, 38th Regt., Stoughton, 1866.
Rufus Robbins, Jr., Co. K, 7th Regt, Jan. 7th, 1863.
Barney F. Phinney, 18th Regt.
Charles L. French, 28d Regt.
Charles E. Ford, 4th Cav.


We failed entirely in our efforts to obtain in season for publication, from the Town Officers, the facts concerning the citizens of Halifax, who laid down their lives for their country. The Middleboro Gazette says:

“The Soldiers’ Monument was finished by the Quincy Granite Co. The base is four feet square, the second section three feet square, and the shaft 28 inches at the base and 16 at the top, with a total height of twenty feet. On a raised shield are the words, “Our Patriot Soldiers,” and the date, 1867, to show when erected. On one side is a bronze plate, with the names, ages, dates; &c., of the twenty-four men lost from this town. It cost $1000, and is erected on the square in front of the Congregational church.”

The following are the names of those who died in the service from Halifax. The list was received too late for classification under its proper head:

Martin S. Morse
James D. Fuller
Z. L. P. Britton
Wm. H. Fuller
Frederic E. Fuller
Horatio W. Cornish, killed
Herbert P. Bosworth
John Wood, killed
Benj. F. Durgin
Edward Bishop
Nathaniel B. Bishop; killed
Lewis S. Wade
Edward A. Richmond, rebel prison
Joseph S. W. Richmond
Charles W. Soule
Lorenzo A. Tower
James A. Lyon
Joseph L. Melton
Joseph T. Bourne
Abel T. Bryant, died in navy
Oliver E. Bryant
George Drew 3d, killed
Cyrus Thompson
Luther Hayward


John Larkhum, 18th, G, Hospital, Va., of fever, Sept. 14, 1862.
James E. Stetson, 18th, G, Hanover, Mass. Discharged Dec. 18, 1862, for disability. Reached home and died Dec. 12, 1862.
Benjamin Curtis, 12th, G, Antietam, Md., killed in battle Sept. 17, 1862.
Marcus M. Leavitt, 7th, Fredericksburg, killed in battle May 3, ’63.
Loammi B. Sylvester, 2d, Hospital, Va., wounds received in battle of Slaughter Mountain, Sept. 26, 1862.
Winfield 8. Gurney, Sickles’ Brigade. No account.
Hiram B. Bonney, 38tli, K, Hospital, La., chronic diarrhea, July 16, 1863.
Geo. E. Josselyn, 38th, K, Baton Rouge, La., chronic diarrhea, Sept. 7, 1868.
Levi C. Brooks, 88th, K, Cane River, killed in battle April 23, ’64.
Albert E. Bates, 38th, K, Morganza Bend, La., chronic diarrhea and fever, June 28, 1864.
Joshua E. Bates, 38th, K, Baton Rouge, La., chronic diarrhea, Aug. 10, 1863.
Arthur Shepherd, 38th, K, Carrolton, La., chronic diarrhea, Feb. 26, 1863.
John H. Carey, 42d, strayed from camp, found dead, May 13, 1863.
Joseph D. Thomas, 2d, H. A., Andersonville, Sept., 1864.
Calvin S. Bailey, 3d Cav., Baltimore, Md., consumption, Sept. 24, 1864.
Francis A. Stoddard, 58th, Richmond, Va., Hospital, wounds received in battle near Pittsburg, Aug. 18, 1864.
John B. Wilder, 58th, Petersburg, Va., killed while returning from picket, Dec. 1, 1864.
Geo. W. Woodard, 58th, never heard from.
William Church, Jr., 58th, Beverly Hospital, N. C, Sept. 30, ’64.
Joseph E. Wilder, 31st, Q. M.’s Serg’t, Sabine Cross Roads, La., killed at battle of Sabine Cross Roads, April 8, 1864.
John W. Nelson, 18th, G, Virginia, lulled at 2d days battle of the Wilderness, May 8, 1864.
Spenser Binney, 1st Bat. H. A., E, Hospital Fort Warren, small pox. May 23, 1865.
F. Willis, 1st H. A. wounds received in battle, March, 1865.


Wm. H. Cole, C, 4th, at New Orleans, of chronic diarrhea, August 19,1863.
Benj. F. Holloway, C, 4th, of a wound received at Port Hudson, June 15, 1868.
Andrew J. Perkins, E, 40th, at Lakeville, Nov. 22, 1868.
Granville T. Record, P. 29th, of chronic diarrhea, Sept. 13, 1862.
Michael Sullivan, I, 3d, killed at Plymouth, N. C, Dec. 12, 1868.
George W. Terry, A, 40th, killed at battle of Drury’s Bluff, May 16, 1864,
Narcissus Williams, C, 4th, in Brashear City Hospital, of chronic diarrhea, June 11, 1863.
Benj. L. Washburn, A, 40th, in Regimental Hospital, Folly Island, of dysentery, Sept. 20, 1863.
George Washburn, A, 40th, in Rebel Prison, 1864.


Samuel H. Ewell, E, 7th, Washington, Oct. 1, 1862.
Job L. Ewell, E, 7th, Alexandria, Va., June 5, 1864, of wounds.
Edmund Crossley, E, 7th, Washington, June 30, 1864, of wounds.
David Church, E, 7th, Virginia, May 6, 1 864, killed.
Charles H. Gobbet, E,7th, Virginia,. August 5, 1863.
Joseph Joyce, E, 7th, October 14, 1862.
Nathan Sherman, jr., E, 7th, of disease.
Japhet S. Sampson, E, 7th, September 27, 1862.
Turner Ewell, jr., K, 38th, St Louis, October 16, 1863.
James W. Fish, K, 38th, Savannah, June 14, 1865.
Andrew W. Hatch, K, 38th, New Orleans, August 22, 1861.
Robert Ames, K, 38th, Baton Rouge, June 2, 1863.
Wilbur R Harrington, K, 38th, at New Orleans, Jane 10, 1863.
Freeman A. Ramsdell, K, 38th, at New, Orleans, June 4, 1863.
Josiah C. Stoddard, K, 38th, alt Baltimore, Dee. 4, 1802.
Sergt. Edwin Curtis, F^ 43d, and 5Sth, June 19, 1864, of wounds.
S. Nelson Gardner, F, 43d, Newbern, N. C, June 4, 1863.
Josiah Thomas, F, 43d, and 2d H. A., Dec. 3, 1864.
James A. Wright, F, 43d, Newbern, N. C, May 7, 1863.
Col. Fletcher Webster, 12th, killed at Bull Run, Aug. 30, 1862.
Lucius L. Bonney, 2d H. A., of disease, in North Carolina,
Edwin R Merry, Corp., G, 18th, Jan. 13, 1865.
George S. Lapham, navy, May 29, 1864.
Joseph E. Williamson, 1st H. A.
Hiram Butterfield, jr., Raleigh, N. C, May 15, 1865.


Preston Soule, 18th, I, May M, 1862, typhoid fever in N. Y. City Hospital.
William M. Atwood, 18th, C, Aug. 30, 1862, killed at 2d Bull Run battle.
Isaac Harlow, 18th, C, March 1, 1862, died at Camp Barnes.
Wm. E. Brightman, 18th, D, Sept. 18, 1862, in Libby Prison.
Henry M. Warren, 18th, D, Dec. 20, 1832, of wounds received at Fredericksburg.
Charles E. Hunt, 18th, D, June 1, 1864, at battle of Coal Harbor.
David H. Burgess, 4th, C, Aug. 28, 1863, of fever and diphtheria, at home.
Adoniram Thomas, 18th, 0, Sept. 2D, 1862, from wounds received in Bull Run battle.
Sidney B. Wilbur, 40th, E, June 2, 1864, of wounds received in battle of Coal Harbor.
Cornelius G. Tinkham, 12th, A, Oct. 1, 1862, of wounds received at battle of Antietam.
Francis S. Thomas, 4th, C, March 9, 1863, at Carrollton Hospital, of fever.
Washington I. Caswell, lst Cav., K, Aug. 29, 1863, at Hospital in Washington, of fever.
Samuel Jones, 3d, K, May 26, 1863, in Hospital at Newborn, of diphtheria.
Edward Jennings, 40th, E.
Williams Eaton, jr., 4th, C, June 21, 1863, of wounds received at Port Hudson.
Elbridge A. Maxim, 23d, E, July 26, 1864, at Newbern, of disease.
James H. Wady, 18th, D, Aug. 7, 1862, in Hospital at Phila.
George N. Gammons, 24th, D, March 8, 1862, at Roanoke Island, of fever.
Samuel M. Rider, 18th, D, Dec, 1862, of wounds received at Fredericksburg.
Ephraim K. Simmons, 4th, C, May 24, 1863, at Brashear City, of disease.
George Hinckley, 40th, E, Feb. 21, 1863, of wounds received at battle of Olustee.
George W. Paull, 18th, C, May 31, 1862, in Alexandria Hospital, of measles.
John L. Cobb, 58th, 0, Aug. 12, 1864, in Hospital at Washington.
Daniel Handy, 4th, C, Sept. 10, 1863, in Centralia, Ill., of diarrhea
Ezra T. Westgate, 32d, E, June 4, 1864, killed in battle of Coal Harbor
George Cummings, 3d Cav., B, July 23, 1864, died in Hospital at Now Orleans.
George A. Thomas, 6th, F, Nov. 14, 1864, died at Middleboro.
Benjamin Chamberlain, 59th, G, Dec. 10. 1864, died in Hospital at Beverly, N. J.
James C. Record, 18th, D, Nov. 25, 1864, died in Hospital at Alexandria.
Albert Eddy, 4th Cav., D, Jan. 23, 1865, died of malaria fever in Middleboro.
Richard Cox, 58th, B, June 3, 1864, killed in battle at Shady Grove Church, Va.
Darius E. Clark, 18th, D, Deo. 13^ 1862, killed in battle of Fredericksburg.
Myron E. Alger, 4th, C, July 10,4863, died at Brashear City a prisoner.
Morris Perkins, 18th, D, Dee. 20; 1862, died from wounds received in battle of Fredericksburg.
Martin V. Raymond, 18th, C, Aug. 30, 1862, killed in battle of Bull Bun.
Stephen F. Thomas, 4th, 0, May 1, 1863, died in Hospital of fever at New Orleans.
Cyrus White, 18th, H, Nov. 19, 1862, at Middleboro, of disease.
Frederic E. Atwood, I8th, C, Aug 26, 1862, killed in battle of Bull Run.
Peleg F. Banson, 18th, D, Nov. 17, 1862, in Hospital, of diarrhea.
Francis B. Cushman, 18th, 0, May 13, 1862, at Badloe’s Island, of typhoid fever.
Ormel H. Churchill, 40th, E, Sept. 11, 1863, at Folly Island, of chronic diarrhea.
J. Arthur Fitch, 40th, E, Sept. 30, 1864, killed at Fort Harrison, Virginia.
Cyrus Hall, 18th, D, Oct. 19, 1862, in Hospital at Washington, of typhoid fever.
Levi Hathaway, 4th, C, Aug. 20, 1833, at Indianapolis, of typhoid fever.
Francis M. Hodges, 40th, E, Oct. 27, 1863, at Beaufort, of chronic diarrhea.
John K. Maxim, 18th, C, Jan. 27, 1865, at Parole Hospital, Md., of disease.
George H. Swift, 18th, C, May, 1863, of wounds received at Chancellorsville.
Timothy J. Sullivan, 40th, E, Aug. 22, 1864, of wounds received in battle of Petersburg.
Andrew E. Thomas, 4th, C, June 27, 1863, died near Brashear City, of chronic diarrhea.
Joseph Thomas, 4th, 0, Aug. 1, 1863, at Port Hudson, of chronic diarrhea.
Alva C. Tinkham, 4th, 0, July 15, 1863, at Brashear City, of chronic diarrhea.
Samuel Mellen, 18th, D, Jan. 10, 1862, in hospital at Hall’s Hill.
Henry L. McFarlin, 40fch, E, June 10, 1864, of wounds received in battle near Coal Harbor.
Charles W. Wilmarth, 18th, D, July 18, 1864, in Andersonville Prison.
Henry L. Shaw, 4th, C, Oct. 6, 1863, of wounds received at Port Hudson.
Nathan T. Tucker, 100 days, Nov. 18, 1864, at Middleboro, of disease contracted in service.
Ira E. Caswell, Feb. 7, 1865, in navy, died in U. S. Marine Hospital, Norfolk, Va.
Charles M. Tribou, Sept. 8, 1832, at Mound City Hospital, of disease.
Cyrus Perkins, 18th, P, Jan. 1, 1863, in Middleboro, of disease contracted in service.
Asa Shaw, 3d, B.


Pardon Gifford, died on board Receiving Ship, Boston.
John Phipps, Sergt., H, 38th, died in Hospital at New Orleans.
Wm. T. Bryant, H, 38th, died in Hospital at New Orleans.
George H. Clark, 33d. killed at battle of Lookout Mountain.
John A. Fuller, 33d, died at home, of disease contracted in service.
Lawrence Rankin, 58th, killed at battle before Petersburg.
Joseph P. Ryder, 33d, killed in battle.
Henry Kingman, died in Hospital,
Willard E. Clark, killed in battle.

Plymouth County MA,

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