1867 Hanson Massachusetts Directory

Adams Russell W. farmer
Aldridge Stillman, farmer
Ames John C. box maker
Ames Marcus, farmer
Amos Marcus F. peddler
Arnold Caleb, shoemaker

Banican Patrick, farmer
Bailey George C. shoemaker
Baldwin C. H. farmer
Barker Benjamin, farmer
Barker Bowen, physician
Barker John, farmer
Barker Josiah, farmer
Barker Lot P. farmer
Barker Philip H. shoemaker
Barrows Alfred, supt. almshouse
Barrows George L.
Bates Andrew H. shoemaker
Bates Cyrus A. carpenter
Bates Elbridge G. shoemaker
Beal Alden, farmer
Beal-Bernhard C. shoemaker
Beal Charles M. shoemaker
Beal George P. farmer
Beal Gibson, shoemaker
Beal Henry A. shoemaker
Beal John, farmer
Beal William L. shoemaker
Beal William O. shoemaker
Bearce Benjamin H. shoemaker
Bearce Isaiah, farmer
Bearce Joseph, moulder
Bearce Virgil P. shoemaker
Bearce William W. shoemaker
Beggen Francis, farmer
Bouncy Ezekiel, farmer
Bonney Josiah, shoemaker
Bonney Josiah 2d, boot maker
Bonney Morton V. clerk
Bonney Otis L. teacher
Bonney Seth, laborer
Bosworth Ichabod, shoemaker
Bourne Abel, farmer
Bourne Calvin F. shoemaker
Bourne Charles, farmer
Bourne Charles W. laborer
Bourne Ebenezer B. farmer
Bourne Ephraim B. shoemaker
Bourne Ferdinand A. shoemaker
Bourne Francis, farmer
Bourne Francis W. farmer
Bourne Isaac, shoemaker
Bourne James A; farmer
Bourne John T. moulder
Bourne Martin W. shoemaker
Bourne Samuel T. shoemaker
Bourne William, farmer
Powker Andrew, dry goods and groceries
Bowker Benjamin H. teamster
Bowker Gad, farmer
Bowker George T. clerk
Bowker John; shoemaker
Bowker Luther, shoemaker
Bowker Richard, laborer
Branning John, shoemaker
Brewster James B. farmer
Brewster Philipi farmer
Briggs Samuel, farmer
Briggs Seth M. dancing-master
Briggs Zalmon, farmer
Brown David, nailer
Brown Richmond, shoe cutter
Bryant Abijah, farmer
Bryant Bradley S. paper dealer
Bryant Charles E. farmer
Bryant Josephus, shoemaker
Burnham Francis A. sea captain

Carr Alfred W. shoemaker
Carr Moses, farmer
Chapman Luther, carpenter
Chapman Lather W. boot maker
Clark Edwin, shoemaker
Clark Thomas G. wheelwright
Clark Thomas G. jr., shoemaker
Cobb Henry F. shoemaker
Cobb Theodore, shoemaker
Colton Alonzo, newspaper agent
Cook John, hatter
Cook Joshua, tack maker
Cook Jonah G. shoemaker
Courtney Alfred, farmer
Cox Albert F. shoemaker
Cox Ephraim, shoemaker
Cox Joseph H. shoemaker
Cox Levi S. shoemaker
Cox Samuel, shoemaker
Cox Samuel O. shoemaker
Cox William, farmer
Gushing Charles, agent
Gushing Elijah, farmer
Cushing George, box maker
Cashing Nathaniel W. farmer
Cushing Theodore, box maker

Daland Daniel, shoemaker
Damon Elijah, farmer
Damon William, farmer
Delano George, shoemaker
Delano George T. shoemaker
Delano Nathaniel, shoemaker
Delano Thomas B. sailor
Donham Charles W. shoemaker
Denham Silas, teamster
Doten John, zinc worker
Dow Joseph E. shoemaker
Drayton John, grocery
Drayton Joseph W. farmer
Drew Cyrus, dry goods and grocer
Drew Thomas, clerk

Elliott George W. carriage painter
Elmes Daniel R. wood and lumber
Elmes George, shoemaker
Elmes John L. shoemaker
Estes F. shoemaker
Estes Stephen H. farmer
Emerson Barnabas, farmer
Everson Calvin, shoemaker
Everson Frederic O. shoemaker
Everson Henry H. shoemaker
Everson Joseph H. shoemaker
Everson Lysander W. shoemaker
Everson Richard, farmer
Everson Sylvanus, farmer
Everson Sylvanus B. shoemaker
Everson William F. shoemaker

Farrell James, laborer
Fisher John B. medical student .
Foster Isaac, shoemaker
Fuller Lucius T. shoemaker
Fuller Nathan T. shoemaker

Gannett Seth, tact maker
Gurney Ebenezer B. K. surveyor and conveyance
Gurney Ebenezer H. music teacher
Gurney Jonathan R. farmer
Gurney Joseph J. shoemaker
Gurney Thomas, shoemaker

Hale M. M. shoemaker
Hammond Joshua T. shoemaker
Harding Alpheus C. farmer
Hal ding Amos, farmer
Harris Seth L. mason
Hatch Nathaniel T. box maker
Hathaway Joseph T. corn and flour
Hewett James E. peddler
Hill Charles R. shoemaker
Hill George H. shoemaker
Hill Lorenzo F. shoemaker
Hill William C. shoemaker
Hobart Isaac, farmer
Holmes Edward, farmer
Holmes Luther, farmer
Hood William W. shoemaker
Howard Willard, shoemaker
Howes Augustus M. painter
Howland Albert, shoemaker
Howland Albert B. groceries
Howland Asa, farmer
Howland Calvin L. 2d, station agent
Howland F. P. moulder
Howland Freeman P- jr., farmer
Howland Friend W. former
Howland Isaac J. farmer
Howland James H. shoemaker
Howland John, moulder
Howland Joseph ft. farmer
Howland Calvin L. station agent
Howland Luther, tack manuf.
Howland Richard, egg dealer
House Albert, shoemaker
House Samuel T. shoemaker
Howland Lewis T. moulder

Jewett John, shoemaker
Johnson James G. shoemaker
Johnson William H. tack maker
Jordan James P. shoemaker
Josselyn Albert, carpenter
Jossel3’n Benjamin, farmer
Josselyn Benjamin W. carpenter
Josselyn Carl P. shoemaker
Josselyn Edgar A. carver
Josselyn Julius, shoemaker
Josselyn Luther A. shoemaker
Josselyn Samuel W. farmer
Joyce T. shoemaker

Keene Charles, shoemaker
Keene David L. farmer
Keene Ebenezer B. farmer
Keene Frank F. shoemaker
Keene John A. farmer
Keene Luther, farmer
Keene Nahum, farmer
Keane Orren, farmer
Keene Thatcher, shoemaker
Keene William B. farmer
Kiley Patrick, shoemaker
Kiley Thomas, laborer

LANE IRVIN, shoemaker
Leary John, laborer
Leavitt Hiram, shoemaker
Leonard Joseph, jeweler
.Lewis Leander, shoemaker
Lincoln Cyrus, machinist
Lincoln Rufus W. shoemaker
Loring Joseph B. carpenter
Loring Joseph T. carpenter
Loring Morton M. carpenter
Luther Edward Y. shoemaker
Luther Herbert M. shoemaker
Lyon Josiah T. shoemaker

Macombee George, tack maker
Magoun Ezra E. shoemaker
Mann Josiah, zinc-worker
Mann Josiah C. tack maker
McGough Lawrence, laborer
McSweeney Edward, nailer
Monroe Charles, shoemaker
Monroe Cyrus, farmer
Monroe George W. farmer
Monroe Hiram, shoemaker
Monroe Hiram F. shoemaker

Oakes R. B. shoemaker
Osborne Barak, farmer
Osborne Frank, shoemaker
Orcutt Edward, shoemaker

Parris Orin, laborer
Percival Gustavus, seaman
Perkins Joshua L. shoemaker
Perkins Daniel H. shoemaker
Perry Edward Y. tack and nail manuf.
Perry Henry J. shoemaker
Perry James H. shoemaker
Perry Joshua, farmer
Perry Otis, carpenter
Perry Robert, farmer
Phillips Calvin T. shoemaker
Phillips Calvin T. 2d. clerk
Phillips Lot, millwright
Poole Elias C. blacksmith
Pratt Edwin W. farmer
Pratt Isaac, soap maker
Pratt Jacob D. shoemaker
Pratt John H. nailer
Pratt Joshua S. laborer
Pratt Nathaniel., carpenter
Pratt Nathaniel, jr., tack maker
Pratt Seth, shoemaker
Pratt Thomas, shoemaker
Pratt Thomas, jr., shoemaker
Prouty Joseph E. shoemaker
Prouty William H. shoemaker

Ramsdell Elbridge, shoemaker
Ramsdell Elijah T. shoemaker
Ramsdell Isaac, shoemaker
Ramsdell Levi, farmer
Ramsdell Lyman S. carpenter
Ramsdell Samuel D. carpenter
Ramsdell Silas D. shoemaker
Reed Hezekiah, R. K. express
Reed Isaac T. tack maker
Reinhardt Charles H. laborer
Robbins E. shoemaker
Roberts John O. painter
Roger Samuel L. shoemaker

Sampson Andrew, shoemaker
Sampson Augustus M. shoemaker
Sampson Bartlett, shoemaker
Sampson Byram, farmer
Sampson George T. farmer
Sampson Turner, shoe cutter
Sculley Michael, seaman
Shaw Zenas shoemaker
Simmons John F, shoemaker
Smith Aaron, shoemaker
Smith Joseph, civil engineer
Smith Thomas, farmer
Soper Hervey A. shoemaker
Soper James B. clerk
Soper Jeremiah, custom shoemaker
Soper John S. farmer
Soper Nathaniel, shoemaker
Southworth Benjamin, pastor Coug’l Church
Sprague Charles H, shoemaker
Sprague Melzar, farmer
Stebbins John D. tack maker
Stetson Aden, farmer
Stetson Charles H. shoemaker
Stetson Edwin L. shoemaker
Stetson George, shoe manuf.
Stetson George F. shoemaker
Stetson Hiram, millwright
Stetson Isaiah, moulder
Stetson Jeremiah, carpenter
Stetson Nahum, millwright
Stetson Thomas, millwright
Stevens Albert W. shoemaker
Stevens Benjamin H.
Stevens Frederic A, shoemaker
Stevens Frederic It, tack maker
Stevens Howes, tack maker
Stollard James P. former
Stollard Richard, farmer
Stoddard Joseph E, shoemaker
Studley George, farmer
Sturtevant George W. shoemaker

Taft Andrew J. carpenter
Thatcher Samuel G. seaman
Thomas Benjamin, farmer
Thomas Benjamin H. Shoemaker
Thomas Charles, shoemaker
Thomas Ebenezer, laborer
Thomas Elihu, moulder
Thomas Elijah C. gentleman
Thomas Gershom B. shoemaker
Thomas Heman, farmer
Thomas Isaac, farmer
Thomas John, farmer
Thomas Levi Z. shoemaker
Thomas Lewis L. farmer
Thomas Nathaniel B. farmer
Thomas Nelson, farmer
Thomas William
Thomas William O. shoemaker
Thompson Lysander M. shoemaker
Tubbs Erastus, farmer
Turner George W. shoemaker
Turner Seth, farmer
Turner Seth F. shoemaker

Vickery Daniel, shoemaker

Watson Woodman H. Pastor Baptist Church
White Benjamin, shoemaker
White Caleb, shoemaker
White Clayton, horse and carriage dealer
White Cornelius, farmer
White Cyrus, tack maker
White Ezia, shoemaker
White Joel, farmer
White Joseph, horse and carriage dealer
White Welcome, farmer
Whiting Charles H. shoemaker
Willet Isaac, shoemaker
Willis John, laborer
Whiting Charles H. W. shoemaker
Whiting John A. millwright
Whiting Thomas F. machinist
Whitmarsh William F. shoemaker
Whitten John O. shoemaker
Willett John, carpenter
Willis Reuben, shoemaker

Young Elisha laborer


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