1867 Carver Massachusetts Directory

Atwood Charles H. farmer, Centre
Andrews Robert W. moulder, r South
Appling Geo. H. moulder, North
Atwood Bartlett S. farmer, Centre
Atwood Eli, farmer, Centre
Atwood George, farmer, South
Atwood George W. farmer Centre
Atwood Gustavus, farmer, South
Atwood Elbridge E. farmer Centre
Atwood Jacob, farmer, Centre
Atwood John S. shoemaker North
Atwood Joseph, moulder South
Atwood Josiah W. farmer, South
Atwood Lucius, farmer Centre
Atwood Luther, farmer South
Atwood Marcus, farmer South
Atwood Oren, farmer Centre
Atwood Salmon, laborer South
Atwood Stephen, farmer Centre
Atwood Sumner, farmer South
Atwood Tillson, moulder Centre

Barrows Asa, laborer, North
Barrows Andrew F. moulder Centre
Barrows John B. moulder South
Barrows Joseph, farmer South
Barrows Lothrop, moulder Centre
Barrows Nelson, machinist South
Barrows P. W. moulder Centre
Bates David M. stove-mounter South
Bates Nathaniel B. shoemaker South
Bennett Allen, blacksmith South
Bennett Charles, jappanner South
Benson Jabez, laborer South
Bent Geo. W. grate manuf South
Bent Ira C. moulder Centre
Bent John, farmer Centre
Bent John, Jr. sawyer Centre
Bent Joseph F. laborer South
Blake Edson d. peddler Centre
Blake Hiram A. shoemaker North
Bosworth James H. stove-mounter South
Bowers Geo. P. manuf. South
Breech Isaac P. sailor North
Breech James, basket maker North
Breech William, basket maker, North
Brett Rufus J. trader North
Brett William, farmer Centre
Bumpus Daniel, moulder South
Bumpus Edmond P. farmer South
Bumpus Edward, farmer South
Bumpus John, laborer South
Bumpus Philander W. farmer, North

Carnes Edward S. r North
Carter John S. teamer, r South
Chace Charles H. peddler, North
Chace Henry L. orthodox minister, North
Chace John, farmer Centre
Chamberlain B. blacksmith, South
Chamberlain B. A. blacksmith, South
Chandler Job C. farmer North
Chandler, Job C. jr., box maker, North
Chandler John B. moulder North
Chandler Joseph S. box maker, North
Chandler Josiah, shoe maker. North
Chandler William B. shoe maker, North
Cobb Charles, carpenter, North
Cobb Frederic, shoemaker North
Cobb Joseph F. laborer, North
Cobb Levi, farmer North
Cobb Sydney, clerk, North
Cobb Thomas, peddler North
Cobb Walter B. shoemaker, North
Cole Ansel, shoemaker, North
Cole Bartlett B. peddler North
Cole Harrison G. box manuf. North
Cole Hezekiah, carpenter, North
Cole Theron M. box maker, North
Copeland Ralph, shoemaker North
Cornell Charles F. shoemaker North
Crowell Jeremiah, carpenter Centre
Cushman Jacob, moulder South
Cushman Stephen, farmer. South

Dempsey Robert M. shoemaker, South
Drew Atwood, caulker. North
Drew Atwood R. shoemaker, North
Dunham Benjamin, farmer South
Dunham Daniel, teamer, North
Dunham Ebenezer, farmer South
Dunham Ebenezer jr., farmer South
Dunham Ellis D. shoemaker, North
Dunham Elisha M. clerk South
Dunham Isaac L. farmer North
Dunham James, shoemaker North
Dunham John, shoemaker North

Eames Andrew R. box maker, North
Eaton Calvin H. shoemaker, North
Eames Luther, box maker. North
Ellis Matthias, iron foundry. South
Ellis Joseph M. iron foundry. South

Faunce James V. farmer North
Finney Benjamin D. farmer North
Freeman Rufus C. machinist South
Frees William, laborer North
Fuller Ansel, shoemaker North
Fuller Benjamin P. shoemaker North

Gibbs Thomas, laborer, South
Gibbs William B. farmer. South
Griffeth Albert., laborer. South
Griffeth Andrew, moulder. South
Griffeth Charles W. moulder. South
Griffeth Ellis, fanner, South
Griffeth Ephraim, farmer, South
Griffeth John, moulder. South
Griffeth Thomas B. manuf. South

Hackett Elkanah, laborer, North
Hammond Benjamin, farmer. North
Hammond Henry T. sailor, North
Hammond William, farmer. Centre
Harlow Benjamin, carpenter. South
Harlow Ephraim T. peddler, North
Harlow Simeon, carpenter, South
Hatch John B. sawyer. Centre
Hathaway Geo. moulder, South
Hathaway William E. peddler, North
Herd Manoah, farmer Centre
Holmes Jacob, farmer Centre
Jenkins S. F. braid manuf. South
Jones P. M. C. farmer. North

King Geo. M. shoemaker. North
King Luther S. AV. teamster, North
Kinney Amos P. machinist. South

Leach William, clergyman, Centre
Leonard Benj. F. machinist, South
Lucus Ebenezer S. farmer, North
Lucus Harvey, farmer. North
Lucus Horatio A. farmer. North
Lucus Jesse, laborer. North
Lucus Jesse F. shoemaker. North
Lucus John B. shoemaker. North
Lucus Samuel F. farmer, North

Mansfield Michael, farmer, South
Manter Everett T. sailor. North
Maxim Ellis, blacksmith. South
Maxim John, farmer, South
Maxim Nathan B. sawyer Centre
Max.im Thomas, farmer South
McFarlin John B. moulder South
McFarlin Joseph T. moulder South
McFarlin Sampson, farmer South
McFarlin Solomon F. moulder, South
McFarlin Thomas H. farmer, South
McFarlin William S. moulder South
Merritt Andrew D. shoemaker, North
Morse Geo. shoemaker, North
Morse Harrison D. shoemaker North
Murdock Elisha, moulder South
Murdock Henry C. sailor, South
Murdock Jesse, grate manuf. South

Nickerson Ziba, laborer, South
Norrell Charles, laborer. South

Parsons Charles, carpenter, South
Perkins Albert, carpenter Centre
Perkins Alvin, farmer Centre
Perkins Alvin S. carpenter South
Peterson Daniel M. shoemaker, North
Pierson William, farmer North
Pierson William S. W. shoemaker. North
Pratt E. Tillson, teacher. North
Pratt Frederick A. moulder, South
Pratt Lewis, iron foundry. North
Pratt Matthias, iron foundry. North

Pratt Wm. B. moulder North
Pratt Winslow, farmer North
Purrington Elias, carpenter North

Ramsdell Cornelius, shoemaker North
Ransom Benj. merchant North
Ransom Levi, farmer North
Richards Erastus, shoemaker Centre
Richards Luther, farmer Centre
Richards Rufus L. shoemaker Centre
Richards Wm. stone cutter Centre
Rider Charles, merchant South
Rider Nathan, farmer Centre
Rickard Benj. W. shoemaker North
Rickard L. Warren, farmer North
Ripley Calvin, farmer North
Robbins Benj. W. farmer North
Robbins Chandler, jr. farmer North
Robbins Ephraim P. farmer North
Robbins Josiah P. farmer North

SANBORN JOHN D. shoemaker North
Savery Benjamin H. shoemaker North
Savery William, iron foundry South
Savery William S. merchant North
Sears Edmond, carpenter North
Sears Edmond L. carpenter North
Shaw Atwood, farmer Centre
Shaw Charles S. blacksmith North
Shaw Daniel, farmer Centre
Shaw Daniel A. merchant Centre
Shaw Ebenezer D. moulder Centre
Shaw Edward W. farmer. Centre
Shaw Elijah, farmer North
Shaw Elkanah, moulder South
Shaw E. Howard, shoemaker South
Shaw E. Watson carpenter Centre
Shaw George, moulder Centre
Shaw George H. moulder Centre
Shaw Isaac, farmer North
Shaw Isaac 2nd, moulder. South
Shaw Jesse, laborer Centre
Shaw John F. moulder South
Shaw John, farmer Centre
Shaw .John 2nd, moulder, Centre
Shaw Linus A. moulder Centre
Shaw Lorenzo N. teamer North
Shaw Jason, laborer North
Shaw Marcus M. moulder South
Shaw Nathaniel, fanner Centre
Shaw Nathaniel jr. moulder North
Shaw Stillman, laborer South
Shaw Samuel, clerk, South
Shaw Samuel 2d, clerk South
Sherman Albert, moulder North
Sherman Andrew B. farmer North
Sherman Earl, farmer North
Sherman Ebenezer, farmer North
Sherman Frederic C. shoemaker, North
Sherman Henry, fanner North
Sherman Joseph W. shoemaker North
Sherman Levi V. shoe express North
Sherman Nelson, farmer North
Shurtleff Abial, moulder, North
Shurtleff Albert, farmer. North
Shurtleff Albert T. clerk, North
Shurtleff George, sailor, North
Shurtleff Henry F. shoemaker North
Shurtleff Ichabod, farmer South
Shurtleff Ichabod jr., farmer South
Shurtleff James F. scholar, North
Shurtleff Levi, farmer North
Shurtleff Perez, farmer, Centre
Shurtleff Peter, moulder, South
Shurtleff Seth, farmer, North
Smith Perez B. H. dyer and bleacher South
Smith Perez, stout cutter, South
Southworth Eli, farmer, Centre
Southworth Thomas, surveyor, South
Smith Thomas M. South
Southworth Jason, carpenter, South
Stanley William, foreman of factory, South

Thomas Levi, blacksmith, South
Threshie Charles, iron foundry, South
Tillson Agustus F. clerk, South
Tillson Freeman F. moulder South
Tillson H. Bartlett, moulder South
Tillson John, farmer South
Tillson Marcus, 31 moulder South
Tillson William, shoemaker, North
Tillson Zenas, moulder, South

Vail Isaac B. agent, North
Vaughan Daniel. shoemaker North
Vaughan J, C architect, Centre
Vaughan Ezra, wheelwright, North
Vaughan Levi C. clerk Centre
Vaughan Thomas farmer, Centre

Ward Ansel laborer, South
Ward Ansel B. shoemaker, North
Ward Austin, butcher, North
Ward Benjamin, farmer Centre
Ward Stillman, butcher, North
Ward Stillman jr., sailor, North
Washburn A. F. farmer, South
Washburn Asaph, farmer South
Washburn Henry C. farmer, South
Washburn Jacob, farmer, North
Washburn Joseph M. painter, North
Washburn Joseph C. shoemaker Centre
Washburn Marshall A. laborer South
Waterman John, North
Westgate Ephraim. C. blacksmith
White Henry, shoemaker, North
Williams George, farmer, North.
Witham John, stone cutler, South
Wood Geo. F. physician, North
Wrightington Henry, laborer South
Wrightington Thomas, foreman furnace, South


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